not enough money

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Not enough money - 钱不够
not having enough money - 没有足够的钱,正在翻译
Not have enough money - 没有足够的钱
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  • 我兄弟约翰要买车子,但他没有足够的钱。
    My brother John wanted to buy a car, but he had not enough money.
  • (指财务状况)因缺钱而困难的,银根紧的
    ( of financial conditions) difficult because there is not enough money
  • 他差一点就没钱来维持生活。
    He almost has not enough money to live on.
  • 谢谢但钱实在是不够啊谢谢啦!
    Thank you, but have not enough money!
  • 为什么银行知道我们钱不够还要对“存款不够”收费?
    Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they already know there is not enough money?
  • 我们没有足够的钱为所有学校配备教职员工。
    We have not enough money to staff all our schools.
  • 这些钱根本不够用来开始全新的生活。
    It's just not enough money to start life over.
  • 联邦政府如果拨出教育费,也多半只是给地方经费不足的较贫困地区。
    When the federal government does give money to education, it does so chiefly in the poorer areas, where there is not enough money locally.
  • 在许多发展中国家,不可能有足够的钱来为所有的孩子提供教室、书桌、椅子、书籍和老师。
    In many developing countries there is not enough money available to provide classrooms, desks, chairs, books and teachers for all the children.
  • 他没有足够的钱来偿清他的债务。
    He has not enough money to meet his engagements.
  • 如果没有足够的资金能够使用压路机,就利用来往车辆进行压实。
    The road is compacted by the traffic if there is not enough money to allow a road roller to be used.
  • 即便如此,我们也不应忘记,几个月前,美国总统乔治布什(george w.bush)曾表示,美国没有足够的钱为贫困儿童支付医疗保险,尽管这仅仅需要几十亿美元。
    Even so, we should not forget that a few months ago, President George W. Bush said there was not enough money for health insurance for poor children although it cost just a few billion dollars.
  • 为什么不?钱不够?
    Why not? Not enough money?
  • 贫困家庭的女孩也许每个月都要缺课一周,因为他们没有足够的钱去给身体得到补给。
    According to context, I think these girls have not enough money to buy sanitary supplies for monthly periods, so their have to miss up to a week of school each month.
  • 目标定得太低,你可能因为没有足够的资金周转而被淘汰出局;定得太高,充其量你只能收回成本。
    Aim too low and you can get wiped out because there is not enough money to go around.
  • 我的钱不够,只好买了这个旧篮球。
    I had not enough money, so I bought the old basketball.
  • 没有足够的钱可以帮助贫困地区的学生们。
    Not enough money is available to help the students in poor areas.
  • 世界上的钱是挣不够的。
    There's not enough money in the world.
  • 这样做,我们起码可以小小地愚弄一下自己的基因,让它认为没有太多多余的钱要消费。
    To do this, at least we can make fool of our genes who feels as if we had not enough money to spend.
  • 如果你的工作并不适合你,给你再多的钱也不能够让你快乐。
    There's not enough money in the world to make you happy if your job doesn't suit you.
  • 她警告说,如果没有足够的资金来应对这场人道主义危机,很多儿童将因为饥饿而丧生。
    She warns many children will die of hunger if there is not enough money to deal with this humanitarian crisis.
  • 有一次,他到了没有钱买办画展用的帆布的窘境。
    Once, there was not enough money to buy canvases to put together a show.
  • 或许你们家中有人失业,经济非常拮据。
    Maybe someone in your family has lost their job and theres not enough money to go around.
  • 我还在罗宾逊家里当家庭教师,安妮难过地说,我们的钱不够大家都去的,况且罗宾逊家的人也没那么坏。
    'I will stay as a governess with the Robinson family,'Anne said sadly.'There's not enough money for us all to go, and* the Robinsons are not so very bad.'
  • 他说他没有足够的钱来买食物,更不用说是书了。
    He said he had not enough money for food, let alone books.
  • 例如,如果你的一条消极原因是:”学费不够“,研究为学费筹钱的方法,例如。
    For example, if one of your Negative reasons is: "Not enough money for tuition," investigate ways to get money for tuition such as.
  • 不够多,还是挣的太多?
    Not enough money or too much money?
  • 但是对那些已经承担了额外工作的员工来说,薪资的不行还是不够。
    "But there is still not enough money around to compensate people for the extra hours they've been putting in," he says.
  • 国际发展企业的执行主任Zenia Tata说一些农民也许现在会去买柴油水泵但没有足够的钱去买油。
    IDE executive director Zenia Tata says some who were able to buy diesel pumps now do not enough money to buy fuel.