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adj. 好管闲事的;爱追问的;大鼻子的
nosy - 好管闲事的,爱打听的,多管闲事
Nosy Komba - 诺西空巴
anambo nosy - 阿南布岛
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  • 所谓的“溅水桌”覆盖着水,一个爱探究的游客弯腰看桌沿,那儿安装了看不见的撒孔。
    So-called “Table with splashes” covers with water a nosy visitor bending over the table the edges of which are equipped with unnoticeable sprayers.
  • “文本加密”功能--此功能通过对敏感信息进行加密来禁止他人访问。
    Evernote's Text Encryption, hides sensitive information using a simple encryption tool that keep our nosy friends from snooping our notes.
  • Cooper把她的长寿归于长期的良好饮食和宁静的环境:“我不多管闲事也不吃垃圾食品”,她说。
    Cooper attributed her longevity to good food and not being nosy: “I mind my own business and I don't eat junk food,” she said.
  • 这本新书的名字叫做 “外面,里面”,我爱管闲事,我希望在里面。
    The title of the new book is “Outside Inside,” and I am nosy enough that I want to be inside.
  • 她才是最初被选为饰演《预言家日报》记者丽塔•斯基特的人。 派克拒绝了这个角色,原因是不想扮演一个八卦记者。
    Pike, who starred in An Education last year, was the first choice to play Skeeter, but she said no to playing the nosy journalist.
  • 真的,我真的爱打听别人的一些事,而且我想弄明白这些我已经开始‘沟通’的人喜欢什么。
    I’m really, really nosy, and I wanted to see what all these people that I had begun to ‘talk to’ were like.
  • 萨米可不是那种安分的猫。
    Samie was one of those nosy kind of cats.
  • 我对别人怎么生活很感兴趣。
    I'm really nosy about how others live.
  • 但也使名人更出名,八卦更八卦,厚重的更厚重,浅薄的更浅薄... 目的是为人们带来乐趣、呈现健康的幽默。
    Like a satirists; but also to make celebrities more famous, nosy even more nosy, thick more thicker, thin even thinner… and all for the purpose of fun and healthy humor.
  • 现代技术进一步缩小了隐私的空间:想想那些带共用线路的老式转盘电话和竖着耳朵的多事邻居吧。
    Modern technologies have further narrowed the parameters of discreetness: Remember those rotary phones with the party lines and the nosy neighbor who would listen in?
  • 不论是你喋喋不休的老妈,还是他经常来占便宜的老哥,双方的亲戚都可能会导致你们的关系紧张。
    Whether it’s your nosy mother, or her mooch of a younger brother, in-laws can introduce some serious tension into your relationship.
  • 我对别人的生活充满了兴趣,当看到脚手架被搭起的时候我会向工人打听他们正在干什么。
    I'm really nosy about how others live. When scaffolding's up I ask the builders what's going on.
  • 我最讨厌的两个东西:狂吠的狗和爱管闲事的邻居。
    The two things I hate most: loud dogs and nosy neighbors.
  • 吃饭的时候你既不能躲闪不得体的亲戚追问(仍然吃你的东西?)
    You're either dodging nosy questions from some tactless relative over dinner (“Still dieting then?