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adj. 直达的;中途不停的
adv. 不停地
Non-Stop - 永不停歇,男生女生向前走,空中营救
NON-STOP COILER - 成品自动收线机,精抽自动收线机,制品主动收线机
Non-stop delivery - 不停机收纸,连续装置,不停机收纸装置
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  • 最有效的资本是我们的信誉,它小时不停为我们工作。
    The most effective capital is our credibility, it hour non-stop work for us.
  • 让我们用铅笔不停地画、不停的画、做出生动的电影吧。
    Let us constantly with a pencil drawing, painting non-stop to make vivid movies.
  • 在不停的努力中,我懂得了人生其实就是一个过程,于是,我学会了如何去珍惜人生道路上的一切。
    In the non-stop efforts, I learned that life is actually a process, so I learned how to cherish all life on the road.
  • 狂风在空中不停地刮着,雨,蒙蒙的下着共同汇出了一幅自然画。
    The wind blowing in the air, non-stop rain, misty under a common remit a natural picture.
  • 在这不停有意外的液体壁纸行业,而我们梦卓墙艺会给大家一个,什么样的意外呢?
    In this non-stop unexpected liquid wallpaper industry, and we dream Zhuo Arts can give everybody a, what kind of accident?
  • 若是不停妙想天开、悬念这悬念那的话,你的身会意不停地分泌压力荷尔蒙。
    If you're chronicficwisl of they worried (or sleep deprived)! your is specificwisl of they pumping out stress hormones non-stop.
  • 方法是要在脑子里不停地、狼吞虎咽地吃虚幻食品,而不是出现产生食欲的那种形象。
    The trick is to visualise gorging non-stop on the food, rather than conjuring up an appetite-whetting single image.
  • 他们在一只雌性北极熊身上安装了无线电装置对她进行追踪,记录到她一刻不停地游了九天。
    They fitted a female bear with a radio collar and then tracked her as she swam non-stop for nine days.
  • 经过几十年的非不停说教,写作,口语,福音和旅游,他的心跳终于失败。
    After decades of non-stop preaching, writing, speaking, evangelizing and traveling, his heart finally began to fail.
  • 当然,你能想象,当教练发现了波比沉积多年的怒火在合理的转化成不可阻止的进攻后,成功就在眼前,包括收获爱情。
    Of course, you can imagine, when coach Bobby deposition found in the many years of anger into a reasonable non-stop attack, the success is at hand, including the harvest of love.
  • 去芝加哥的班机是直达的吗?
    Are the flights to Chicago non-stop?
  • 新!诺顿脉冲更新提供连续的,非停止保护,防止新的威胁会自动在你的认购期。
    New! Norton Pulse Update —provides continuous, non-stop protection against new threats automatically during your subscription period.
  • 我开始毫不不停息地阅读相关内容,因为它是如此深深共鸣而对我意义非凡。
    I began to read it non-stop as it resonated so deeply. It made so much sense to me.
  • 采用相邻规格导体不停机换模具而连续生产,这可以大大降低材料和能源的浪费,提高生产率,降低产品成本。
    The use of the equipment with non-stop adjacent conductor size change will reduce remarkably the materials and energy consumption, raise productivity and reduce production costs.
  • 而此时,如果每次你都不间断地讲上50分钟,那么从治疗中你就会鲜有收益了。
    Therapy would be of little benefit if you go into every session and talk non-stop for 50 minutes.
  • 但是经过大约一周不停的劳作后,我们建了13座小屋和一所位于树林中心的用来聚会的大屋。
    But after about a week of non-stop work, we had built 13 little huts and a large centralized hut for a meeting area.
  • 你会去的地方你想去,不停止,在更短的时间,减少麻烦。
    You'll go where you want to go, non-stop , in less time, with less hassle.