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n. 无母数
adj. 非参数的
non-parametric - 非参数,无母数,非参数法
non-parametric approach - 非参数方法,非参数逼近,非参数统计理论
Non-parametric rule - 非参数规则
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  • 将数值分析中的非参数回归模型应用于图像去噪处理,推导了基于该方法的算法模型。
    By taking the model on non-parametric regression into image denoising, the arithmetic based on this method has been presented.
  • 文中从实际电价曲线出发,针对条件方差函数建模,并采用非参数估计方法确定其模型。
    On the basis of real electricity price time series, conditional variance function is modeled for stochastic volatility, and the model is determined by means of non-parametric estimation.
  • 利用非参数测试对比了中心医院和周边医院的相关情况。
    Comparisons between central and peripheral hospitals were performed using non-parametric tests.
  • 课程将从项目反应理论开始,并介绍相关的参数方法和非参数方法。
    The workshop will start with a review of item response theory, both parametric and non-parametric approaches will be introduced.
  • 从参数方法和非参数方法两个角度对全要素生产率变化率的测度方法进行了总结。
    It introduces the method to measure change rate of TFP from two points of view: parametric estimation method and non-parametric estimation method.
  • 结论秩和比法作为一种非参数综合评价方法,可以与聚类分析联合应用于卫生服务评价。
    Conclusion: Combined with cluster analysis, RSR method as one of non-parametric synthesized evaluation methods can be applied to the health service assessment.
  • 核回归方法是比较常用的一种非参数估计方法。
    The kernel regression method now is the most popular non-parametric estimation method.
  • 此外,在图像特征提取方面,本文提出了一种非参数的背景估计模型,用于检测视频图像中的运动人体的外轮廓。
    Further more, this thesis proposes a novel method based on a non-parametric background model to detect the silhouette of human body in video sequences.
  • 以无母数统计分析进行资料处理。
    The effectiveness of RGT was evaluated by non-parametric data analysis.
  • 这里使用了一种非参数化采样算法来学习原始照片和画像间复杂的统计关系。
    An inhomogeneous non-parametric sampling is employed to learn the statistical relationship between the original image and the drawing.
  • 现代非参数统计方法主要是指近二三十年发展起来的非参数回归、非参数密度估计等方法。
    Non-parametric statistical methods can be divided into two parts: Traditional Non-parametric Statistics and Modern Non-parametric Statistics.
  • 此外,该模型使用了非参数的基本风险,其并没有对出行时间强加任何形式的先验的参数分布。
    In addition, the model uses a non-parametric baseline hazard distribution which does not impose any apriori parametric form on the departure time distribution.
  • 使用非参数统计测试分析研究结果,将研究结果转化为认知图作为比较的参考框架。
    The results were analysed using non- parametric statistical tests and further translated into cognitive maps as frames of reference for comparison.
  • 非参数估计显示股票收益分布的非正态性及“肥尾”现象,其尾部满足幂律衰减。
    Non-parametric estimations reveal that the fat tail of the distribution of stock return satisfies power law decay.
  • 传统的技术效率测算方法主要包括参数方法和基于径向技术距离函数的非参数DEA方法。
    Traditional methods of technical efficiency measurement include parametric method and the non-parametric DEA based on radial technology distance function mainly.
  • 对参数配准,主要讨论它们各自不同的方法和适合处理的图像对;
    The registration methods under review are classified into two categories: parametric image registration and non-parametric image registration.
  • 在系数属于有限域的多项式环即有限环上,给出确定型的不可约多项式和本原多项式。
    Based on the non-parametric functional-coefficient autoregressive model and non-parametric estimation theory, polynomial spline i.
  • 这就足以进行非参数统计检验。
    This is enough to perform non-parametric statistical tests .