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n. [数] 乘法;增加
multiplication - 乘法,乘法运算,增殖
multiplication table - 乘法表,乘法表,九九表
frequency multiplication - 倍频,频率倍增,分频
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乘法; 繁殖; 增加
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  • 星号(*)字符表示乘法,类似地,加号(+)、减号(-)和斜线(/)字符分别表示加法、减法和除法。
    The asterisk (*) character denotes multiplication and, similarly, the plus (+), minus (-), and forward slash (/) characters denote addition, subtraction, and division as you'd expect.
  • 概率论的最基本的原则,有一条叫乘法原理
    One of the first principles of probability theory is called the multiplication rule.
  • 为了解决这一问题,乘法指令只使用每个 32 位的最低有效的 16 位以便结果能够放进整个 32 位寄存器内。
    To combat the problem, multiplication instructions only use the least-significant 16 bits of every 32-bit value so that the result will fit in the full 32-bit register.
  • 熟悉网络信息可信度测试的基本原理,比学习乘法表还简单。
    Becoming acquainted with the fundamentals of web credibility testing is easier than learning the multiplication tables.
  • 这里我用乘法来表示一般公式;你可以仅用 128,因为那是 255 的一半(四舍五入)。
    I've used the multiplication to highlight the general formula; you could just use 128 since that's half of 255 (rounded).
  • 它使用的思想和十进制乘法算法的思想相同。
    This follows the same idea as the decimal multiplication algorithm.
  • 允许使用除法和乘法、多个函数、账户和运算符。
    Allowing division and multiplication, multiple functions, accounts and operators.
  • 那么我该怎么办?我就是要做一个分割,应该先做加法呢,是先做乘法呢?
    But what I do? I just separated, do I do the addition first or do the multiplication first?
  • 乘法和除法运算符(表 3 中列出的前四个)具有高于加法和减法的优先级。
    The multiplication and division operators (the first four listed in Table 3) have higher precedence than the addition and subtraction operators.
  • 组合是乘法.
    Composition is multiplication.
  • 我年纪还小时,我的祖父用这个教我的乘法表。
    My grandfather used this to teach my multiplication table when I was little.
  • 它运行缓慢,做一次乘法需要三到五秒。
    It was slow, taking three to five seconds to do a multiplication.
  • 正像是在小学你做除法和乘法的时候,你毫不含糊地从左到右,按顺序做运算。
    Just as in grade school when you're doing division and multiplication, you do it from left to right in terms of order of operations.
  • 就像加法和乘法,我们已经学习过,它们不仅仅可以应用于数字,还可以用到字符串上,我们今天还会再讲讲。
    Things like addition and multiplication, which we saw not only apply to numbers, but we can use them on things like strings and we're going to come back to them again.
  • 研究人员还测试了他们乘法等计算技巧,并从参与者父母那儿了解了他们孩子的词汇掌握情况。
    They were also tested on calculation skills, such as multiplication. The participants' parents were then asked about their child’s vocabulary.
  • ,好,这就是矩阵乘法。
    So that's matrix multiplication.
  • 思慧有一次在学校的乘法速算测验中拿了第二,蔡美儿一个星期让她每晚做20道题,拿秒表计时。
    When Sophia came in second on a multiplication speed test at school, Chua made her do 20 practice tests every night for a week, clocking her with a stopwatch.
  • 我们可以用,矩阵乘法或矩阵乘积的形式来表述这些式子。
    And we can reformulate this in terms of matrix multiplication or matrix product.
  • 只要输入了表达式,就将在字段的下方显示乘法的结果。
    Once the expression has been entered, the result of the multiplication is shown beneath the field.
  • 另一方面,对于给定一段文字,就很难想象想乘法这样的操作代表了什么意思。
    Given text data, on the other hand, it is hard to imagine what an operation like multiplication might mean.
  • 多个多值上下文变量将产生矩阵乘法,并且不受支持。
    Multiple multi-value context variables would result in a matrix multiplication and are not supported.
  • 既然介绍了矢量,你们也学会了加减,不学乘法总觉得怪怪的。
    Now that we introduced vectors, you can add and subtract you might as well learn about multiplication.
  • 这儿有一个比较,然后在一个基本步骤里,做了一个减法和一个乘法两个基本操作。
    I've got one test there, and then I've just got one thing to do here, which has got a subtraction and a multiplication.
  • 在有些情况下,除法表达式可以用乘法表达是来重写。
    Sometimes, such expressions can be rewritten by replacing the division by a multiplication.
  • 注意浮点乘法没有这样的问题。
    Note that floating-point multiplication doesn't have these issues.
  • 教员每天通过练习传授语法和乘法表。
    The teacher drilled grammar and the multiplication tables every day.