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n. 座右铭;警句(motto的复数)
mottos - 座右铭,规训,座右铭
Family mottos - 家教
school mottos - 校训
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座右铭; 训言; 格言; 警句
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  • 人活着不只是靠食物,还得靠精神:信条的力量。
    A men is not only live in food, but also depend on spirt, the energy of Mottos .
  • 你知道什么是座右铭么?
    Do you know what mottos are?
  • 在处理人和人之间的关系时,孔子又提出来“己所不欲,勿施于人”,这句话成为了很多人的座右铭,是很多人做人处事的准则。
    In dealing with human relations, Confucius also proposed his pointview: "don't make others do things you don't want to do". It became mottos of many people and the guidelines for their behaviors.
  • 《哈佛训言》也是如此,但是它的作者听起来比保罗·托马斯更有血有肉。
    Harvard Mottos is another such book, but its author seems to have more flesh and blood than Paul Thomas of Executive Power.
  • 什麽格言,你的生活?
    What mottos do you live by?
  • 刘表示她最喜欢的英语格言是“没有人能不劳而获。”
    Liu said one of her favorite English mottos is "No one can achieve anything without effort".
  • 这套哲学同样适用于你的生意。
    The same philosophy applies to your business. We tend to hide behind old mottos like
  • 你能预言几乎一切与它,从单数和卡片直到国家,品牌和甚而法人座右铭。
    You can predict almost everything with it, from single number and cards till countries, brands, and even corporative mottos.
  • 这两句英语名言已成为英语阅读理解时的座右铭了。
    These two sentences have already been the mottos in English reading comprehension.
  • 我生活中的一条格言是:尽量地笑,活多久就爱多久。
    One of my mottos in life: "Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live".
  • 你手边的工作可能比预期的更困难。小心行事。欲速则不达,其它类似的座右铭你也知道。
    The task you've taken on could be more difficult than expected. Proceed with caution. Haste makes waste, and all other similar mottos.
  • 一筒冰淇淋真能削弱人的精神信仰吗? 或者像‘老公老公’这样的词语是否只会更冻结和强化一些观念。
    Can a tub of ice cream ever soften moral beliefs, or do mottos like 'Hubby Hubby' only freeze and harden these views?
  • 但我不喜欢座右铭,且从来就没有座右铭。
    But then I don’t like mottos and have never had one.
  • 凯特·莫斯的个人信条之一。 有记者问她是否有座右铭,这位超级名模这样回答。
    One of Kate Moss's personal credos, which was revealed after thesupermodel was asked by an interviewer if she had any mottos.
  • 传统训诫不仅好在简洁,还因为它们诞生的那个时代尚不流行煽情和胡扯。
    Traditional mottos are good not merely because they are brief but because they come from an age that was pre-touchy-feely and pre-bullshit.
  • 公司应该向这些校训取经。
    Companies should learn from these school mottos.
  • 不幸地,仍然有很多人们跌倒在这样可鄙的座右铭前。
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still fall for such despicable mottos .