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n. 发动机,马达;汽车
adj. 汽车的;机动的
vt. 以汽车载运
vi. 乘汽车
ac motor - 交流电动机,交流环电动机,交流马达
motor oil - 机油,马达油,车用机油
motor ship - 摩托船,内燃机船,汽船
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  • 然后,他们卡车的发动机失灵了。
    Then the motor of their truck malfunctioned.
  • 例如,如果装了一台很大的舷外发动机,船只可能会因其重量而变得不平衡,尾部偏重,用俗话说倾向于在水中“蹲着”,而影响航行。
    With a very large outboard motor, for example, the boat may be imbalanced by having that weight far astern and may "squat" in the water and not sail as well.
  • 让我用汽车送你进城。
    Let me motor you to town.
  • 转子转动时会产生紊流,就像快艇的发动机产生的尾迹。
    As the rotors turn, they generate turbulence, like the wake of a speedboat motor.
  • 相反,对运动的控制程度,或是对感觉的控制程度,决定了身体部位在大脑中对应区域的大小
    Rather, what determines the size in the brain is the extent to which either they have motor command over it or sensory control.
  • 小脑是大脑的一个区域,在电机控制中起着重要的作用,同样在平衡,语言,行为方面也起着重要的作用。
    The cerebellum is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control, and is also involved in balance, language and behavior.
  • 发动机出故障了,它发动不起来。
    There is something wrong with the motor, it would not kick over.
  • 通常你有一个引擎或者电机来带动差速器。
    Normally you have an engine or motor going through a differential.
  • 对于双刻度弧线时钟,我通过一个基本型微处理器将脉冲送到电动机。
    I send the pulse to the motor through a BASIC Stamp microprocessor. which keeps track of the time.
  • 但是,反过来说,大多数帆船都配有马达,以便在港口内行驶,弗里德曼博士这样描述在地球轨道的情况。
    But then again, most sailboats do have a motor for tooling around in the harbor, which is how Dr. Friedman describes being in Earth orbit.
  • 直到最近,所有的认识仍然是,我们的身体只参与了我们最基本的与环境的相互作用,即感觉和运动过程。
    Until recently, the assumption has been that our bodies contribute only to our most basic interactions with the environment, namely sensory and motor processes.
  • 车间里有人把新电机的设计图纸偷走。
    Someone in the workshop ran away with the design drawing of the new motor.
  • 为了仿效我们的祖先只靠风力和洋流航海,我们的筏子上没有发动机。
    And, to make the point that only wind and current took our sailing ancestors everywhere, we have no motor.
  • 虽然我不幸的得了运动神经疾病, 但是我非常幸运的在几乎所有其他方面.
    Although I was unfortunate enough to get motor neuron disease, I have been very fortunate in almost everything else.
  • 让我开汽车送你女儿回家。
    Let me motor your daughter (to) home.