more and more

—— 英文翻译成中文


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more and more - 越来越,越来越多,愈来愈
more more and more - 凹陷的风衣
More Convenient And More - 更便利更
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  • 而且,既然医保按手续、检查和住院时间支付费用(尽管随着费用紧张加剧,每年越来越少),那么就存在做越来越多的程序和检查的诱因。
    And since Medicare pays by procedure, test, and hospital stay—though less and less each year as the cost squeeze tightens—there is an incentive to do more and more.
  • 每次你选择未知的事情,你会获得越来越多的自立,幸福和力量。
    Every time you choose the unknown, you win more and more independence, happiness and strength.
  • 但是越来越多的人买汽车,因为他们认为汽车比自行车快。
    But more and more people buy cars because they think they are faster than bicycles.
  • 但此之后,由于各种倡议活动,他表示越来越多的专家参与其中。
    But since then, more and more have done so, he said, and because of various initiatives.
  • 我们每天都会说话,我呆在他的公寓的时间越来越多。
    We talked daily. I spent more and more time at his apartment.
  • 嗯,自从越来越多的饲养员开始在饲料里填东西。这个就是为了高营养。
    Well, since more and more stockmen began to add something into the feed. That are for high nutrition.
  • 每年,就像某些神奇的发条装置一样,它能以越来越少的成本做越来越多的事情;由于大规模消费的存在,技术的单位边际成本渐趋于零。
    And every year, like some sort of magic clockwork, it does more and more for less and less, bringing the marginal costs of technology in the units that we individuals consume closer to zero.
  • 我们居住的地点已经越来越多的与我们可获得的工作的类型有关。
    Where we reside has more and more relevance to the kinds of workavailable to us.
  • 越来越多骑山地车的人喜欢骑车沿小道飞速而下。
    More and more mountain bikers are moonriding — speeding down trails.
  • 要从生活中越来越多的物质材料中进行选择,要在越来越多的行为中进行选择,在每天的生活中我们面对的是一个充满高竞争的世界。
    With more and more stuff in our lives and more and more options for activities to choose from, we face a highly competitive world every day of our lives.
  • 当您发现必须获得更多的信息才能够理解和解决这个问题时,通常您必须一次次地重复这个操作。
    Often you must do this iteratively as you discover that you need more and more information to understand and solve the problem.
  • 这意味着您经常和越来越多的开发项目一起工作,新能力变得易于理解和完美是每个人都希望的更高级别的成功。
    This means that you gradually work with more and more development projects, each of which (ideally) enjoys ever higher levels of success as the new capabilities become understood and perfected.