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n. 微阵列;微阵列芯片
genomic microarray - 基因组微阵列
MicroArray Scanner - 扫描仪,微阵列扫描仪
Microarray core - 列核心
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  • 基于微阵列表达数据,探索新的有效特征提取和分类方法。
    To search a new and effective method for feature extraction and classification based on microarray expression data.
  • 同时,我们用它代替传统的生物医学方法进行基因的部分体积修正从而获得真正感兴趣的微阵列数据。
    Instead of the traditional biomedicine methods, the method above can be used to do the Partial Volume Correction for getting the pure Microarray data.
  • 确定这个生物特征的过程就是所谓的基因表达,通过微阵列分析实现。
    The process to identify such biosignatures is called gene expression profiling, and it's done using microarray analysis.
  • 利用手边的这些纯样,研究者应用微阵列技术生产出一系列在大面积损伤时发生改变的基因。
    With pure samples in hand, researchers used microarray technology to generate a long list of genes that change when a person undergoes massive trauma.
  • 下一步就是要研究如何使微阵列分析应用到临床时间中,比如急诊室,这是一个很有挑战性的工作。
    The next step will be to study whether the microarray analysis can be applied in a more challenging clinical setting, such as an emergency room.
  • 在本研究中,我们力图比较微阵列分析中的多种数据库的效用。
    In this study we sought to compare the utility of various databases in microarray analysis.
  • DNA微集阵列技术的关键是探针的制备与样品的标记、杂交。
    The key points of the DNA microarray technology include probe preparation, sample labeling and hybridization.
  • 一般来说习惯使用皮尔逊相关系数来评估微阵列表现量在不同重复之间的一致性。
    Current practices often use the Pearson's correlation coefficient to assess the agreement of expression data between the technical replicates from microarray experiments.
  • 结合基因微阵列的特点,设计并实现了一种基于聚类有效性函数的模糊C均值模型。
    Considering the characteristics of microarray, we design and realize a FCM model based on clustering validity functions.
  • 研究者开发了一个925个蛋白的微阵列,然后用血液样品去测试阵列。
    The researchers developed a microarray of 925 proteins, and then used blood samples to test arrays.
  • DNA微阵列技术是探索基因组功能的一种强有力工具。
    The technology of DNA microarray is a efficient way to study genomic functions.
  • 背景:差异表达基因的功能注释在微阵列数据的分析中是必需且关键的步骤。
    BACKGROUND: Functional annotation of differentially expressed genes is a necessary and critical step in the analysis of microarray data.
  • 就支持向量机在DNA微阵列的应用做一综述。
    The applications of support vector machine are reviewed in DNA microarray.
  • 目的基于微阵列表达数据,探索筛选差异表达基因的有效方法。
    Objective To search an effective method on screening significant genes based on microarray data.
  • 你能评估错误穿过微阵列表面的一个概率分布麽?
    Can you estimate a probability distribution of errors across the microarray surface?
  • 与团队共同研究表面化学在DNA和蛋白微阵列芯片技术中的应用。
    Work in a team environment to investigate new surface chemistries for applications in DNA and protein microarray technology.
  • 给出一个微阵列的数据组,标示出测定中的错误的所有来源,并在特定资料组中找出它们。
    Given a microarray data set, articulate all the sources of error in measurement and find them in the particular data set.
  • 基于多肽设计合成技术建立了一个快速、高通量、自动化的多聚抗原肽微阵列分析平台。
    A fast, high-throughput, automated multiple antigenic peptides microarray platform was established based on multiple peptide design and synthesis technology.
  • 将研究重点从单个基因转移到基因信号通路,结合随机森林与信号通路分析了一组胃癌微阵列数据。
    The focus from single-gene to gene signal pathway was transferred and combined random forests method with gene pathway to analyze gastric cancer microarray data.
  • 芯片中组织微阵列排列整齐,各样本组织染色清晰,组织定位良好,可判断性强。
    The tissue microarray were arranged in order and stained clearly and there were good viewing field for judge.