mercury thermometer

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[仪] 水银温度计
mercury thermometer - 水银温度计,水银温度表,水银体温计
mercury recording thermometer - 水银记录式温度计
mercury differential thermometer - 水银示差温度计
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  • 温度计的玻璃管内装有流体,通常是水银。
    The glass tube of a thermometer contains a fluid, usually mercury.
  • 用水银制作液体温度计是因为水银的比热小吗?。
    Is Making the Liquid Thermometer with Mercury Just be Cause the Latter Has Small Specific Heat?
  • 方法:用动态体温遥测装五与水银柱式体温计同时测量100名急诊留观病人腋窝温度,对结果进行相关性分析。
    Method: The body temperatures in the 100 emergency patients were measured by the dynamic distant thermometer and mercury thermometer. The reading data were analyzed statistically.
  • 与玻璃温度计比较,具有无汞害、读数清晰、坚固耐用的特点。
    Compare with the glass thermometer, have no mercury damage, clean to read firmly features.
  • 测口温时要告诉病人闭紧口腔,但要小心不能把体温计咬断。
    We should tell the patients to close their mouths and be careful not to break the thermometer and swallow the glass or mercury.
  • 当然,水银的问题是它会泄露——试想一下,打破一个温度记是多容易的事。
    The problem with mercury is, of course, that it can escape — think how easy it is to break a thermometer.
  • 检测体温是预防和控制流感的主要手段,而传统的水银体温计和人体红外测温仪在应用中存在诸多不便。
    Measuring body temperature is the primary means to prevent and control influenza, while the traditional mercury thermometer and infrared thermometer are so inconvenient in operation.
  • 这种性质可以是体积,如果你有水银温度计,水银的体积。
    And that property could be the volume, like if you have a mercury thermometer , the volume of the mercury.
  • 结论:动态体温遥测装五与水银柱式体温计相比同样有效,并且使用更安全、简便。
    Conclusion: The dynamic distant thermometer is an accurate method for measuring body temperature, and maybe safer and easy use than the mercury thermometer in the daily clinical practice.
  • 电子体温表读数直观,携带方便,小巧新颖,不易损坏,比普通水银体温表更易保管。
    Electronic thermometer readings is intuitive, easy to carry, compact novel, difficult to damage, more easy to keep than the average mercury thermometer.
  • 依据感温液的类型,金属套温度计分为两大系列:WNG系列(水银)和WNY系列(有机液体)。
    According to the type of liquid in glass, metal well thermometer can be divided into two series : WNG series (mercury) and WNY series (organic liquid).
  • 海洋就像地球的温度计,温度升高,海平面就像温度计中的水银一样上涨。
    Acting as the earth’s heat sink, the oceans expand like the mercury in a thermometer.
  • 温度计里的水银柱降到了底端。
    The mercury seems painted to the bottom of the thermometer.
  • 那么温度计的工作部分,可以是水可以是酒精,水银,可以是一块金属。
    So, the active part of the thermometer could be water. It could be alcohol, mercury, it could be a piece of metal.
  • 温度计内有水银,医生担心温度计已经破裂,最后还是动了手术。
    The thermometer contained mercury, and doctors feared that it was broken. Her abstruction and adhesions were treated with surgery.
  • 另外,需要注意的是,废电池、日光灯管、水银温度计、油漆筒、药品等都是有毒垃圾,需要特别的处理。
    Besides, what people should pay attention to is that used battery, the light tube of daylight lamp, mercury thermometer, paint pot and medicine are all toxic wastes, which need special disposal.
  • 如果这条水银线超过华氏96度(摄氏35.6度),抓紧后继续用力甩直到达到标准以下。
    If the mercury line reads more than 96 degrees F (35.6 degrees C), firmly shake the thermometer again. You may want to shake the thermometer over a couch or bed.
  • 我看,她的病只有十分之一的康复希望,他一面把体温表里的水银柱甩下去,一面说,这一分希望就是她想要活下去的念头。
    "She has one chance in - let us say, ten, " he said, as he shook down the mercury in his clinical thermometer. "And that chance is for her to want to live.
  • 现在常见的温度计由一个玻璃管和一个位于底部的贮液槽组成,贮液槽中的水银或酒精沿玻璃管上升形成液柱。
    A thermometer often now, and more often back in the early 1800s, consists of a glass tube up which a column of mercury or alcohol can travel from a reservoir at the base.