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adv. 稍微,略微地;轻微地,很少地;边缘地;在页边;最低限度地
marginally - 少量地,最低限度地,在栏外地
note marginally - 很少注意
marginally resectable - 边缘可切除
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  • 没有排放引起的税收调整最有利于贸易(也只需环境付出轻微的代价)。
    It would be best for trade (and only marginally costly for the environment) if there were no carbon-based tax adjustments.
  • 但是,不要因为在机场略微的加速就哄得你满意。
    But don’t let a marginally faster airport experience lull you into complacency.
  • 一个气喇叭的音量很少低于121.4分贝。
    A gas horn is marginally lower at 121.4 decibels.
  • 同时,接近三分之二的人表示他们发现更容易去平衡工作与私人承诺,并且约每两人当中就有一人感到“稍微地”或者“大体上”是更轻松了。
    At the same time, nearly two-thirds said they found it easier to balance work and personal commitments, and about one in two were "marginally" or "substantially" more relaxed.
  • 安全感和获得更髙薪水的前景可能会使学术生涯看上去稍微多了一份吸引力。
    Security and the prospect of higher salaries may make an academic career look marginally more attractive.
  • 虽然如此,在过去的几年里,石油的闲置生产力和库存实际上也略微有所增加。
    Nonetheless, during the past year spare capacity has actually increased marginally, as have stocks.
  • 对于一个欢快的电影来说,巧克力对成员的情绪改善没有作用,两组之间的差别近乎显著。
    For a happy film, there was no improvement in mood, and the difference between chocolate and water was only marginally significant.
  • 2002年,第二个不可转让的父亲月的补充政策只是少量地提高了休产假的人数,但是它把产假时间延长了一倍多。
    The addition of a second nontransferable father month in 2002 only marginally increased the number of men taking leave, but it more than doubled the amount of time they take.
  • 男生数目比女生数目要稍多一些,但是在大多数学校的班级中,两性比例基本是平衡的。
    There are marginally more boys than girls in schools, but most classes in mixed schools are almost equally split between the genders.
  • 《28天后》开头45分钟的剧情实际上就是《三脚妖之日》头三章经过略微修改后,再加入丧尸的成果。
    The first 45 minutes of 28 Days Later are the first three chapters of The Day of the Triffids, marginally modified with the addition of zombies.
  • 2008年的大部分时间,新兴市场只受到西方发达国家经济下滑的些许影响。
    For much of 2008 these markets seemed only marginally affected by the slowdown in the developed West.
  • 最后,它获取从注册表返回的信息,并且进行少量的对它有用的事情。
    Finally, it takes the information returned from the registry and does something marginally useful with it.
  • 固定资产投资的增长远远超过预期,略微高于去年全年的平均数。
    The growth in fixed-asset investment was larger than expected and marginally higher than its average for all of last year.
  • 向规则集中增加新的标量规则时,通常仅会对执行时间产生轻微的影响。
    The addition of new scalar rules in a rule set usually only increases its execution time marginally.
  • 这仅仅略微低于2008年的12%,但反映了与历史平均值15%相比所产生的大约530万的人数下降。
    This is down only marginally from 12 percent in 2008, but reflects a drop of roughly 5.3 million people from its historical average of 15 percent.
  • 他总结说使用煤气稍微节约一些—特别是在冬天,可以用余热温暖厨房。
    He concluded that using gas is marginally more efficient – especially so in the winter, when you might want that waste heat to help warm up your kitchen.