many things

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many things - 我爱,很多东西,许多事情
many interesting things - 许多有趣的事情,许多趣事
do many different things - 做许多不同的事
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  • 这样,您就可以学习到有关不同的实现在一起协作的边界的许多知识。
    Given this, you can learn many things about the boundaries of how well the different implementations work together.
  • 她们一起做许多事情。
    They do many things together.
  • 我们会从不同的角度作出不同的反应,但仍然有许多东西是共同的。
    We would respond quite differently from different perspectives, but there still are so many things in common.
  • 原来我们在许多事上都有过失。
    For in many things we offend all.
  • 在我看来,这意味着我们甚至不能成为最丑陋的人;因为在许多事情上我们都是垃圾,即便在容貌丑陋方面也是如此。
    In my mind, it means that we can’t even manage to be the best at being unlovely; as with so many things, we are rubbish even at being ugly.
  • 知道很多事情的很多知识或者至少能谈论它们来代替尽力控制谈话主题回到你喜欢的事物上来是一种好品质的体现。
    Knowing a little about many things or at least being open to talk about them instead of trying to steer the conversation back to your favourite subject is a nice quality.
  • 我还有好些事要告诉你们,但你们现在担当不了(或作不能领会)。
    I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
  • 我们的重点是介绍可以并且应该不让最终用户烦恼的许多事物。
    Our lot is to look at many things that end-users can and should be spared.
  • 我们在许多事情上的做法相同,在有些事情上不同。
    We do many things in the same way and some differently.
  • 17岁的我对很多事情都非常疑惑不解。所以我选择了"我不明白为什麽事物都是现在这个样子?"
    At 17, I was beginning to wonder about many things, so I chose the statement, "I wonder why things are the way they are?
  • 当然,因为有这许多特性,您购买该产品是物有所值的。
    Of course, as with many things, you get what you pay for.
  • 如果我们仔细了解会发现许多部分在它内部精确而完美地安装着,这能与任何复杂系统相媲美。
    If we look at it, it’s not less than any complex system with so many things fitted inside precisely and perfectly.
  • 当我们学会从灵魂的层面来理解生活时,许多事情发生了改变。
    When we learn to live from the level of the soul, many things happen.
  • 你可能是一个在压力之下会把许多事情都做得很好的人。
    You may be the kind of person who does many things well when under stress.
  • 有许多事物见到: 象,狮子,飞过在摇摆的酒吧上的空气和好笑的男人男人叫做了小丑.
    There were many things to see: elephants, lions, men who flew through the air on swinging bars and funny men called clowns.
  • 如今,他觉得可以渡过那个势不可挡的十年光景,那十年中“似乎有那么多事情决定了我们的生活方式”。
    Now, he feels, he can move on from that overwhelming decade which "seems to have determined so many things about the way we live now".
  • 在软件开发组织中,您可以使用许多东西来评估并定义您的产品。
    In a software development organization, you can use many things to assess and define your product.
  • 我读过许多许多关于如何成功的东西(我无法避开发现它们——它们无处不在),然而它们中鲜有指导你如何去到你想去的地方的建议。
    I’ve read many, many things on how to be successful (I can’t avoid finding them — they’re everywhere), and rarely will any of them really show you how to get where you want to go.
  • 别缠着他,他有好多事要办呢。
    Don't hang on to him, he has many things to do.
  • 照现在的样子我们有许多事情感到害怕,一旦开始,其实也没那么糟糕。
    As is the case with many things we fear, once underway, it’s not all that bad.
  • 根据您的业务部门不同,在数据库更改经过导入时,并在通过导入将数据发送到数据库或从数据库获取数据之前,逻辑可能要执行许多操作。
    Depending on your line of business, your logic might do many things as database changes come through the export, before you send or fetch data to or from the database via the import.