make the bed

—— 英文翻译成中文


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make the bed - 整理床铺,铺床,整理被物
make up the bed - 来把床铺,整理床铺,床上
Then Make The Bed - 再把床
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  • 张:机器人,你能铺床吗? 机器人:不,我不会。
    Zhang: Robot, can you make the bed? Robot: No, I can't.
  • 你能整理床铺吗? 不,我不能。
    Can you make the bed? No, I can't.
  • 我能扫地,做饭,打扫卧室,浇花,倒垃圾,设置表,整理床铺,洗碗,洗衣服,收拾衣服。
    I can sweep the floor, cook the meals, clean the bedroom, water the flowers, empty the trash, set the table, make the bed, do the dishes, wash the clothes and put away the clothes.
  • 把要洗的衣服放在卫生间的塑料袋里就行了。每天早晨我整理床铺后会把洗衣袋带走的。
    Just put your laundry in the plastic bag in the bath-room. I'll pick it up after I make the bed every morning.
  • 再把床整理一下。
    Than make the bed.
  • 铺床前先把蚊帐挂起来。
    Set up the mosquito net before you make the bed.
  • 小汤姆可以自己整理床铺了。
    Little Tom can make the bed himself.
  • 那小男孩已经学会了自己铺床,自己穿衣服。
    The little boy has learned to make the bed and dress himself.
  • 但是,却有21%之人每天睡前或起身后不整理床铺,甚至有5%之人承认他们从未这么做过!
    On the other hand, 21% of us don't make the bed every day--and 5% admit they never do!
  • 好,我换了睡衣,就去把床铺整理好。
    Okay. I'll change and make the bed.
  • 你这么大了,可以自己整理床铺了。
    You are old enough to make the bed.
  • 但这意味着接受你七岁大的孩子可能不会像你做的那样把床铺收拾成干净齐整的被角。
    But this means accepting that your 7-year-old probably won't make the bed with the crisp hospital corners that you do.
  • 叠被子、倒杯咖啡、做运动、读书或者写字。
    Make the bed, pour a cup of coffee, exercise,meditate, read or write?
  • 然后把这些衣服放进衣橱里去.我来整理床.
    Then put these clothes in the wardrobe. I`ll make the bed.
  • 你能铺床吗?不能。你能用电脑吗?我能。
    Can you make the bed? No, I can't. Can you use a computer? Yes, I can.
  • 它可以洗碗和我的衣服,整理床铺等等。
    It can wash dishes and my clothes, make the bed and so on.
  • 请你整理床铺好吗?
    Could you please make the bed?
  • 起床,和我先生喝一杯茶,整理床铺,叫醒孩子们,做早餐和午餐,打扫厨房,洗衣服。
    Wake up, have tea with my husband, make the bed, get the kids up, make breakfast and lunches, clean up the kitchen and start the laundry.
  • 整理床铺。
    Make the bed.
  • 我学会了睡觉前自己铺床,洗自己用过的杯子,修补自己弄坏的东西,用拖布拖干自己溅到地上的水。
    I learned to make the bed I slept in, and wash the glass Iused, and mend what I broke, and mop up where I spilled.
  • 你早上起床后会马上整理床铺吗?
    Will you make the bed immediately after getting up in the morning?
  • 在其他宾馆,特别是在豪华级别的宾馆,有每晚的“开床服务”,为旅馆客人摺起床罩并铺床,使床看起来更具温馨。
    In other hotels, particularly in the luxury class, there is a nightly "turn-down service, " in which the bed covers are turned down to make the bed look more inviting.
  • 我能整理床铺。
    I can make the bed.
  • 琼斯夫人:再把床整理一下。
    MRS. JONES: Then make the bed.