make a remark

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make a remark - 评论
to make a remark - 讲一句话
make a remark on - 对
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  • 他可以不开口就已讽刺了一番,他总是很有趣。
    He could make a sarcastic remark without even opening his mouth, and he was often very funny.
  • 我本想开个玩笑,但无意中把话讲得粗鲁了。
    I intended to make a joke, but my remark came out as unintentionally rude.
  • 讲完故事之后让对方就这个故事发表评论或者分享观点。
    Get right in to your story description and then allow the other person to make a remark or share an opinion of the story.
  • 例如,如果公司点餐队伍前面的男人挡住了其他人的话,你会忍不住向旁边的人讽刺地评价他。
    If, for instance, the man at the front of the company cafeteria line seems to be holding up everyone else, you'll be tempted to make a snide remark to the person next to you.
  • 对某一公众利益的事发表诚实的议论,因此不构成诽谤。
    Remark which is honestly make on a matter of public interest and so is not defamatory .
  • 破冰方式#3:发表一些评论令对方知道你对他和他的公司有一点想法。
    ICEBREAKER #3: Make a remark that lets the prospect know that you have put some thought into the prospect and the prospect's firm.
  • 你对她的新发型一定要做这种人身攻击吗?
    Did you have to make such a personal remark about her new haircut?
  • 在如此正式的场合,怎么说这样不恰当的话。
    Whan an inept remark to make on such a formal occasion.
  • 而且,为了让你们今天讨论你们所关怀的东西,我将发表一个简单的谈话。
    And moreover to leave you today on something which preoccupies you, I am going to make a simple remark.
  • 你可能与对方闲聊,提及天气、你的工作或是时事。
    You might engage in small talk and make a remark about the weather, your job or current events.
  • 你不会讲任何必要的正统语言,而且当你说出一句蠢话时其愚蠢性即使对你自己也会是明显的。
    You cannot speak any of the necessary dialects, and when you make a stupid remark its stupidity will be obvious, even to yourself.
  • 杰斐逊询问格兰特他是否认为在天上和格兰特的答复,他不,尽管他有资格说这个话,他的无神论没有让他成为一个好人。
    Jefferson asks Grant if he believes in heaven and Grant replies that he does not, although he qualifies this remark by saying that his atheism does not make him a good man.
  • 很可惜你竟然说这些话。
    It is regrettable that you should make such a remark.
  • 有些人会说有些工具可以帮助你收集数据。
    Some people will make a remark that there are tools which can do this data collection for you.
  • 在最庄严的时刻他脸上会闪现嘲弄的微笑或说一句讽刺挖苦的话。
    At the most solemn moments he will flash a mocking smile or make an ironic remark.
  • 在收集和阅读与分形图象编码有关文献的基础上,对分形图象编码的研究现状和发展前景进行了介绍和评述。
    This is an overview on fractal image coding. On the base of collecting and reading related documents, we describe the current research status of fractal image coding and make a remark on its prospect.
  • 让我对问题做一个评论,目前最主要的事情是什么。
    Let me make a remark about questions, which is--today's mostly business.
  • 如果你想在正在进行中的谈话发表评论或插话,礼貌的做法是先确定 别人说的然后再说你的想法。
    If you would like to make a comment or insert a remark in an ongoing conversation, it is polite to acknowledge what someone has just said before stating your own ideas.
  • 请根据以下各个因素分别给这三个饭堂打分。
    Please make a remark for those three canteens by considering these factors below.
  • 同时对该植物研究中存在的问题及今后的研究方向做一简单的评论。
    At the same time, I will make a simple remark on the existing problems in the past research and later trend.
  • 不得体的评论。
    To make a tactless remark.
  • 跳转一下话题,我先来对此做一番评论,因为这和我们几分钟后,将要讨论的东西有关
    Jumping ahead, let me make a remark about this, because this is going to be relevant for something I'll get to in a couple of minutes.