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Lux Occulta - 黑金属
Lux fibre - 勒克斯纤维
Low Lux - 低照度
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  • 合理修剪的内膛光照适宜指标是:在春梢速生期和生长盛期为2000勒克斯以上。
    Applicable light indexes of rational pruning within crowns of apple trees are over 2000 lux at the fast growing stage and in vigourous growth period.
  • 谁能想到,如今那猥琐之极的陈瞎子在当年,居然就是卸岭力士的盗魁?
    Who can think, now that wretched the ministers in that year, unexpectedly blind Chen, of course, is unloading ridge lux pq?
  • 不过问题在于,客户对LED照明器具的要求不仅局限于标准照度或波长而已。
    Yet herein lies the issue, as customers are not defining the LED fixtures by only the standard Lux and wavelength requirements.
  • 俗话说,“”。不同的人对此有不同的看法是能够懂得的。
    To this issue, sini lux on sale , different people come up with various attitudes.
  • 节能,功耗低,相同照度下比传统节能灯节电高达40-50%以上;
    It can save 40-50% more energy than traditional lights at same LUX.
  • 在不加肥条件下,光照强度2000米烛的幼孢子体,发病率高于1000米烛;
    In unfertilized condition, under light intensity of 2000 Lux, the morbidity was higher than that of 1000 Lux.
  • 那些喜爱但买不起奢侈品的人可以通过购买轻奢品来满足自己。
    People who love luxury goods but could not afford them can satisfy themselves with entry lux.
  • 节能,功耗低,相同照度下比传统节能灯节电高达40-50%以上;
    It can save 40-50% me energy than traditional lights at same LUX.
  • 其中一半田鼠被封闭起来并做周期性的光照实验,每个周期先用150 勒克斯的光照持续照射16个小时,然后完全黑暗持续16个小时。
    Half were housed in a standard light-dark cycle of 16 hours of light (at 150 lux) followed by eight hours of total darkness.
  • 这种灯还有一种有趣的自动关闭功能,它只能在周围光亮低于200流明的时候被点亮。
    One interesting feature is the bulb's auto-shutoff function. It will only shine when ambient light falls below about 200 lux.
  • 主题:勒克斯,魅力,年轻和丰富。
    Theme: lux, glamour, young and rich.
  • 欧司朗表示,“这意味着,仅需一个38度的反射器,我们就可以使用一个高度两米的光源,在桌面上达到超过500勒克斯的照度水平。”
    "What this means in actual practice is that a single device with a 38 degree reflector is all that is needed to illuminate a desk with more than 500 lux from a height of two meters, " said Osram.
  • 经过3至4个小时的光照强度已降低到约300勒克斯。
    After 3 to 4 hours the light intensity has lowered to about 300 lux.