look out

—— 英文翻译成中文


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look stressed out - 看上去筋疲力尽
look it out - 看它出来,期待着它出,正在翻译
look k out - 小心,注意,当心
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  • 但是当我们又往窗外看时。
    But as we look out our window.
  • 除了给出你所在城镇的最低油价外,网站还会不断关注行业趋势,告诉你油价上涨的原因,以及所要注意的问题。
    Besides listing the lowest gas prices in your town, it tracks industry trends and tells you why prices are going up, and what to look out for.
  • 哦,晚霞,看看下面吧。
    Oh, afterglow, look out below.
  • 如果你刚刚才掌握修容和高光的技巧,那要注意了。
    If you've only just mastered the art of contouring and highlighting, look out.
  • 我得把那些信找出来。
    I have to look out those letters.
  • 你就会在外面看到一个充满仁慈及爱心的世界。
    You will look out on a world of mercy and of love.
  • 是的。你看看窗外。
    Look out of the window.
  • 我想先看看左右,并采取偷看的方式,虽然我知道不能这样做。
    Even when I want to look out and take a peep around, I cannot do so.
  • 现在我可以回答你们的问题,但记住要注意看红灯(亮了)。
    Now , I want to answer your questions, but remember to look out for the red light.
  • 假如他让梅·韦兰睁开眼睛,她只能茫然地看到一片空白,那该怎么办呢?
    What if, when he had bidden May Welland to open hers, they could only look out blankly at blankness?
  • 但是,请注意,在不久的将来,在许多其它的信息技术(IT)领域会出现更多!
    But look out, there's more coming in the near future for many other Information Technology (IT) domains!
  • 虽然呵护你的宠物通常是无害的,有一对夫妇的问题看出来。
    Although pampering your pet is normally harmless, there are a couple of problems to look out for.
  • 注意车子正往你的方向转去。
    Look out for cars turning in your direction.
  • 您是如何注意到这些患者的检测结果可能为突变阳性?
    How do you look out for these patients who are likely to be mutation positive?
  • 添加一个新系统调用主要是一些程序性的操作,但应该注意几件事情。
    Adding a new system call is mostly procedural, although you should look out for a few things.
  • 看看为可怕的破产而失去一转挖起杆正如你自旋争取在闪闪发光的新版本,这个心爱的游戏。
    Look out for the dreaded Bankrupt and Lose A Turn wedges as you spin to win in the sparkling new version of this beloved game.
  • 因为当人们觉得对某物拥有所有权时,他们便会对其密切注意,悉心保护,并全身心投入其中。
    Because when people feel ownership of something, they look out for it, protect it, and pour themselves into it.
  • 在广告和文章里找出他们就能看到这些习语是怎样在语境中使用的。
    Look out for them in articles and advertisements so that you see these idioms used in context.
  • 我得把那些文件找出来。
    I have to look out those papers.
  • 看向窗外的月,融融的光芒晃动,明朗清澈而又寂寥,我就象一个夜行人,喜欢这样如昼的夜色,喜欢月光下伴着影子徜徉。
    Look out of the window of the month, and light rock, bright and quiet, I like a night person, like such as day of the night, like the moonlight with shadow wander.
  • 从我住的房子窗户望出去,能看到大海,还有群山。
    From our windows we can look out at the sea and the mountains.