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  • 他们殴打了他们,并把他们锁在一间囚室里。
    They beat them up and locked them in a cell.
  • 要是你把自己锁在了屋外,那把钥匙就派上用场了。
    That key will come in handy if you lock yourself out
  • 我匆忙中忘了锁门。
    In my haste I forgot to lock the door.
  • 他熟练地撬开每一把锁,把每个抽屉里的文件都偷走了。
    He picked each lock deftly, and rifled the papers within each drawer.
  • 走的时候别忘了锁门。
    Don't neglect locking [ to lock] the door when you leave.
  • 他仰靠在转椅上,十指交叉枕在脑后。
    He leaned back in the swivel chair and locked his fingers behind his head
  • 他们把在新泽西的花园刨了个遍,然后将里面的东西一样不落地搬回了家。
    They dug up their New Jersey garden and moved it lock, stock, and barrel back home.
  • 这些书一般妥善锁藏在图书馆的地窖里。
    The books were normally kept under lock and key in the library vault
  • 她撩开他脑门上的一绺头发。
    She brushed a lock of hair off his forehead.
  • 给邻居留把钥匙,以防有朝一日把自己反锁在外面。
    Leave your key with a neighbour in case you lock yourself out one day.
  • 这会儿布莱克再锁房门已太晚了。
    It was too late now for Blake to lock his room door
  • 转动一把特制的钥匙,踩下刹车踏板,这样你的汽车刹车就锁住了。
    Turn a special key, press the brake pedal, and your car's brakes lock
  • 你确定锁了前门吗?
    Are you sure you locked the front door?
  • 门上的锁锈住了。
    The lock on the door is rusty and won't open.
  • 她的女佣把箱子锁进保险柜里。
    Her maid locked the case in the safe
  • 钥匙卡在锁里了。
    The key has stuck in the lock.
  • 他眼下被关押在利兹的伊斯特穆尔保安部。
    He is currently under lock and key at Eastmoor secure unit in Leeds.
  • 那一刻,他听见吉尔的钥匙开启门锁的声音。
    At that moment he heard Gill's key turning in the lock of the door
  • 别忘了锁好门窗。
    Don't forget to lock up
  • 随着液压系统嘎吱一声响,起落架进入了锁定位置。
    There was a whine of hydraulics as the undercarriage locked into position.
  • 有一天她忘了锁门,两个男人溜了进来。
    She forgot to lock her door one day and two men got in
  • 前门需要牢一点的锁。
    The front door needs a stronger lock.
  • 把手头的所有食物都送给别人,或者把食物藏好锁起,然后将钥匙交给邻居。
    Give away any food you have on hand, or lock it up and give the key to the neighbours
  • 他提醒她,在她走后他得把厨房的门上锁并闩上。
    He reminded her that he would have to lock and bolt the kitchen door after her.
  • 他从口袋里掏出一把小钥匙,慢慢地插到锁眼里。
    He took a small key from his pocket and slowly inserted it into the lock
  • 运河上捕鱼的最佳地点是靠近水闸的地方。
    The best place to catch fish on a canal is close to a lock
  • 有人强行撬开落地窗上的锁闯入屋里。
    An intruder forced open a lock on French windows at the house.
  • 向左转动把手,门就会锁上。
    Move the handle to the left and the door will lock.