live up to expectations

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live up to expectations - 按照期望做到,不负众望
live up to the expectations - 不辜负期待
Live up to your expectations - 不辜负您的期望
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  • 治理结构是一种可重复的标准,它可以确保供应商和客户达成目标。
    Governance structures are repeatable touchstones that ensure that both providers and clients will set and live up to expectations.
  • 同样如果你与人沟通的模式是在用“客户模式”,那么你很自然地会表现出更高水平。 这就像老话说的,心有多大就能走多远。
    You'll also find that if you're default mode is "client mode" you'll naturally perform at a higher level over time — it's like the old saying goes — people live up to expectations.
  • 6月份当季,即苹果公司(Apple)的第三财季,Mac是少数销量没有达到预期的产品之一。
    The Mac was one of the few products that failed to live up to expectations in the June quarter (Apple's fiscal Q3).
  • 产品的表现符合在所有方面的期望?
    Does the product performance live up to expectations in all its aspects?
  • 但是,无论如何,结局似乎看起来总是事与愿违。
    But, somehow, the end result never seems to live up to expectations.
  • 例如单克隆抗体就没有辜负人们的期望。
    Monoclonal antibodies, for instance, have yet to live up to expectations.
  • 在最近几年的锦标赛中英格兰已经苦苦挣扎,他们很少机会重演他们的1966年成功。
    They have struggled to live up to expectations in recent tournaments and seldom threatened to repeat their 1966 success.
  • 新的春天并不如我们所盼望的那样,它将带来寒冷、风雨以及冬末的憔悴与疲乏。
    Hope is delusive, and the new spring will not live up to expectations: it will bring cold, wind and rain, and the sickly tiredness that accompanies the end of winter.
  • 金妍儿与现代汽车等大公司签约,而很多合约在今年即将期满。 市场专家认为,如果金妍儿没有实现预期目标,各公司很可能不会与其续约。
    Many of her biggest deals, including a contract with the Hyundai Motor Company, expire this year and marketing experts said may not be renewed if she fails to live up to expectations.
  • 然而,泰姬陵我是第一次去,旅游景点总是差强人意,我对此期望值不高。
    However, this will be my first visit to the Taj, and as tourist attractions seem rarely to live up to expectations, I did not expect too much.