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adj. 左边的;左派的;剩下的
adv. 在左面
n. 左边;左派;激进分子
v. 离开(leave的过去式)
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  • 她昨天走了。
    She left yesterday
  • 说不定他已经走了。
    Maybe he's already left.
  • 虽然我很快就和他的继任者建立了良好的关系,但是我仍然对他的离开感到遗憾。
    I was sorry he had left, although I soon developed a productive relationship with his successors.
  • 有一天他突然就离开了。
    One day he just upped and left.
  • 我已在离开伦敦前进行了准备,做了些调查研究。
    I had taken the precaution of doing a little research before I left London
  • 会议很快结束了,我和史蒂夫离开了房间。
    The meeting quickly ended and Steve and I left the room
  • 他问我是否和你一块儿离开的,我说不是。
    He asked if I had left with you, and I said no
  • 有些病人停止了治疗。
    Some of the patients left off treatment.
  • 她离开了自己生活的城镇。
    She left town.
  • 还有杜松子酒吗?
    Is there any gin left?
  • 你走了以后,我们都很想你。
    After you left, we all missed you.
  • 博福尔城堡在你左手边。
    Beaufort Castle is on your left.
  • 他跌倒摔断了左腿。
    He fell over and broke his left leg.
  • 我离开了父母的家,放弃了我的房产和祖传财产。
    I left my parents 'house, relinquished my estate and my patrimony.
  • 他早走了。
    He left long ago.
  • 他借故走了。
    He found an excuse and left.
  • 将出现极左或极右的情况。
    There will be a radical swing to the right or the left.
  • 他还剩有大把的钱。
    He's got plenty of money left
  • 他走了。
    He has left.
  • 你肯定忘了关浴室的龙头了。
    You must have left a tap running in the bathroom
  • 他们还剩6场比赛要打。
    They still have six games left to play.
  • 男人们匆匆离开了。
    The men left in a rush
  • 据我揣测,他已经离开大连了。
    My guess is that he's already left Dalian.
  • 我一害怕就跑了,把她一个人扔下了。
    I got scared and I ran and left her all alone
  • 这一段可以删去。
    This paragraph can be left out.