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n. 演讲;讲稿;教训
vt. 演讲;训诫
vi. 讲课;讲演
Lecture - 讲座,演讲,讲课
lecture theatre - 大教室,阶梯教室,大讲堂
Lecture rapide - 速读
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讲演; 演讲; 说教; 训诫
演讲, 教训, 谴责
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  • 但是如果你去上他的课,听他的讲座的话,你会发现他在自己的学术领域内可真是才华出众。
    But when you go to his class and listen to his lecture, you know why everybody says he's a genius in his field.
  • 所以我在上次演讲快结束时说了个拙劣的笑话,我会同意我们可以到此为止,直接进行期末考试,因为这些是你们需要知道的所有内容。
    And so I joked, badly, I'll agree, at the end of last lecture, that we can just stop now, go straight to the final exam, because this is all you need to know.
  • 他在讲座中加进了许多笑话。
    He larded his lecture with many jokes.
  • 然而,我将不会从此次讲座中得到答案。
    However, I will not get to the answer in this lecture.
  • 我已经做了39年教师了,却不曾有一个人为我任何一次成功的上课或演讲而付我小费。
    I have been a teacher for 39 years. No one has ever tipped me after a particularly successful class on lecture.
  • 而且有证据表明即使这“交谈”发生在人(你自己)和书或电脑屏幕(或讲座)之间时,你的大脑仍会更加专心。
    And there's evidence that suggests your brainbehaves this way even if the "conversation" is between a human (you)and a book or computer screen (or lecture).
  • 她用录音机录下了这个讲座。
    She taped the lecture on her tape recorder.
  • 当然你不会在演讲室找到你的下一位客户,不过请记住,教授也有自己的人际圈子。
    Of course you won’t meet your next client in the lecture room, but remember that professors have a network too.
  • 好,你能够看到适当的组合是什么,因为这是一个有这个讲稿特地选择的特殊问题, 我试着得到的右侧部分恰好是这些列(向量)中的其中一个。
    Well, you can see what the right combination is, because in this special problem, specially chosen by the lecture, that right hand side, that I'm trying to get is actually one of these columns.
  • 在做一堂学术讲座背后,我试图把我自己装进一个瓶子里,希望有一天这个瓶子会被冲上沙滩让我的孩子们看到。
    Under the ruse of giving an academic lecture, I was trying to put myself in a bottle that would one day wash up on the beach for my children.
  • 困惑是一种我们大家都体验过的感觉,无论是在演讲厅,艺术画廊还是游荡在一个陌生城市的时候,但是困惑本身难以形容。
    It's a feeling we have all experienced, whether in a lecture theatre, an art gallery or wandering around an unfamiliar city, but confusion is tricky to describe.
  • 我们换个讲座地点,在那里我让你来替我做这个讲座。
    'We'll change places and I'll give the lecture for you.
  • 参入者会参加各种讲座和讨论,而且在课程之间会分配一些作业。
    Attendees would meet for lecture and discussion, and assignments would be worked on in between the classes.
  • 他*在椅子上开始从容地进行他的演讲了。
    He leant on the chair and began his lecture at leisure.
  • 上一次我们看过这个概念,上一次讲座中我们看到了概率分布的概念。
    Last time we looked at the notion, last lecture we looked at the idea of a distribution.
  • 这可以是任何东西,一次枯燥的演讲或布道,或者是人们单调的一段对话。
    This could be anything ranging from a boring lecture or sermon, to a monotonous conversation with people.
  • 在这里我们直到他们做实验时,才会发各种讲座材料,然后我们回到讲座,讨论实验结果。
    Here we give many lecture material until late they do the lab and then we come back and discuss the results.
  • 他完成那本书后就有时间在各大学讲演。
    After he finished the book, he found time to lecture at various colleges.
  • 他靠在椅子上开始从容地进行他的演讲了。
    He leant on the chair and began his lecture at leisure.
  • 直到今天,人们对他的演讲反应不一,还在继续争论。
    Reaction to his lecture was mixed and continues to be debated to this day.
  • 我现在在麻省理工的这个演播室里,教这个讲座。
    I am teaching this lecture at this piece of studio here in MIT.
  • 今天早上我听了一场关于着装的讲座。
    I just attended a lecture about uniforms this morning.