lead to

—— 英文翻译成中文


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lead to - 导致,通向,引起
Lead me to tomorrow - 牵着我走向明天
Lead Me To Love - 带我进入爱河
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通到; 导致
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  • 技术变革必然会导致失业。
    Technological changes will inevitably lead to unemployment
  • 多个部门都可干预的事实可能会导致一些孩子被遗漏。
    The existence of more than one agency with power to intervene can lead to children falling through the net.
  • 市场形势严峻,将导致今年上半年400个职位的削减。
    The tough market would lead to 400 jobs being cut in the first half of this year.
  • 他们希望这将驱使所有外国部队撤离该国。
    They hoped this would lead to the departure of all foreign forces from the country
  • 这是个鸡和蛋的问题。是因为营养缺乏导致湿疹呢,还是湿疹导致了某些营养缺乏?
    It's a chicken and egg situation. Does the deficiency lead to the eczema or has the eczema led to certain deficiencies?
  • 这个问题使得两国关系非常紧张,可能会导致军事对抗。
    The issue has caused great tension between the two countries and could lead to a military confrontation
  • 请问,这条路通向火车站吗?
    Excuse me, does this road lead to the railway station?
  • 用力提重物会导致血压升高。
    Straining to lift heavy weights can lead to a rise in blood pressure.
  • 不过以后喝酒要适可而止,喝多了容易误事!
    But you must be more moderate in your drinking. Too much wine can easily lead to serious trouble!
  • 这个建议必将引起一场争论。
    This suggestion will certainly lead to an argument.
  • 如果能证明眼前的苦难会带来更大的好处,人们就会愿意承受。
    People will accept suffering that can be shown to lead to a greater good
  • 婚姻中有一些公认的容易引发问题的雷区。
    There are recognised black spots in marriages which can lead to trouble
  • 政客们说这可能会导致议会解散。
    Politicians say it could lead to a dissolution of parliament.
  • 新系统可能更合算,但是会降低程序质量。
    The new system may be more economic but will lead to a decline in programme quality.
  • 不够谨慎可能会导致财政上出现问题。
    A lack of prudence may lead to financial problems.
  • 这种措词可能会引出歧义。
    The wording is likely to lead to ambiguity.
  • 我不得不说,在我看来这肯定会引发暴力事件。
    I'm bound to say that it seems to me this is certain to lead to violence.
  • 他已经发出了警告,国家内部严重的不和可能会引发内战。
    He has warned that the serious rifts within the country could lead to civil war
  • 当感情完全淹没理智时,就可能铸成大错。
    If ( one was) overwhelmed by passion, it could lead to serious blunders.
  • 他认为这些政策将来会导致僵局。
    He agreed that these policies will lead to gridlock in the future.
  • 以其目前的形式而言,这项法规可能会带来新的不公。
    In its present form, the law could lead to new injustices.
  • 这样可能会导致身体虚弱和肌肉萎缩。
    This can lead to bodily weakness and muscle wastage.
  • 他昨天警告说,给教师们加薪会导致职位的裁减。
    He warned yesterday that a pay rise for teachers would lead to job cuts.
  • 所有这些都能导致家庭意见不和,而内疚是其中的主要因素。
    All this can lead to divisive family arguments to which guilt is a major contributor.