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lager - 拉格啤酒,淡啤酒,拉格
Windhoek Lager - 温得赫克窖藏啤酒
Premium Lager - 上等窖藏啤酒,优质贮藏啤酒,优质拉格
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  • 我们喝的东西也是如此,粮食是啤酒和生啤的主要部分。
    It is important in what we drink too, being the prime ingredient in beer and lager.
  • 它很喜欢奇怪的啤酒罐和烧烤。
    It loves the odd can of lager and a barbecue.
  • 当饮酒变成她的一种习惯,无法控制时,她很快就开始整天大量的喝伏特加、朗姆酒和一些淡啤酒。
    She soon moved on to downing large amounts of vodka, rum and lager throughout the day as her habit spiraled out of control.
  • 科罗拉多大学医学院的研究人员为巴塔哥尼亚酵母做了基因组排序,并发现它近乎完美地与用于酿造啤酒的成份相匹配。
    Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine sequenced the genome of the Patagonian yeast and found it was a near-perfect match to the element used to brew lager.
  • 当我还是一个学生时,我将所有的啤酒分为几类:Guinness、fizzy lager 和 proper English bitter。
    As a student, I subdivided the entire world of beer into Guinness, fizzy lager, and proper English bitter.
  • 他点了一瓶Star Lager牌啤酒,坐在一个高凳上慢慢地抿着,等甜甜出来用她软软的、出汗的手蒙住他的眼睛,这是一个他们经常玩的游戏。
    He ordered a bottle of Star Lager beer and sat on a stool, sipping it slowly as he waited for Sweet to come out and wrap her soft, sweaty hands around his eyes, a game that they often played.
  • 人们已经花了几十年的时间寻找了野生啤酒酵母。
    People have been searching for the wild ancestor of lager yeast for decades.
  • 但是,如果页面布局的固定宽度是的更小或更大的话,那么应该使用一些使结果推断更完美的近似值。
    But if your fixed width layout is smaller or lager, you would need to use some approximate values which would again result in pure guessing.
  • 里面多个电视屏幕上都播着一场足球比赛,麦芽酒和冰镇啤酒陆续被拿上来,一大群朋友趴在桌子上大笑,聊着天。
    Inside, a football match is showing on various screens, pints of ale and chilled lager are being pulled, and huddles of friends are bent over tables laughing and in conversation.
  • 那是在圣安东尼奥的一个傍晚,我正在这座城市著名的河畔街喝着凉爽的啤酒。
    It was early in the evening in San Antonio and I was having a cold lager in the city’s famous Riverwalk district.
  • 与此同时,在旧观景台还有一个时尚酒吧,里面供应着一系列令人难忘的啤酒——包括令人欣喜若狂的清新葡萄柚啤酒。
    Meanwhile, above in the old viewing gallery, a stylish bar serves an impressive array of beers - apparently blended with almost anything to hand - including a surprisingly refreshing grapefruit lager.
  • 每罐麦芽啤酒或者贮藏啤酒含有大约150卡路里的热量。
    Each can of ale or lager contains about 150 calories.