lag behind

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lag behind - 滞后,落在后面,掉队
lag right behind - 滞后
lag way behind - 远远落在后面
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落后; 落后于
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  • 由于较低部位的电缆比较高部位的电缆移动慢,上升的电梯箱将落后于转动锚点,这样就会引起一个拖拽并可能进一步破坏整个装置的稳定。
    Since the lower regions of the cable are moving slower than the higher ones, a rising car will lag behind the orbiting anchor, causing a drag on the cable that could destabilize the entire assembly.
  • 一个原因是一些国家仍很落后。
    One is that some countries still lag behind.
  • “我们决不能比其他的足球队落后啊,”星队队长说道。
    "We must not lag behind the ogher soccer teams." said the team leader of Star.
  • 她说,值得特别关注的是女孩在交流和创造力方面的表现要优于男孩。 因此,我们应该鼓励男孩提高这些技能,这样他们在学校或日后生活中才不会落后。
    She said girls outperforming boys in communication and creativity was of particular concern and boys should be encouraged to develop these skills so they did not lag behind in school or later life.
  • 消费者开支的增长可能在更长时间里落后于其他领域的增长。
    Growth in consumer spending could lag behind the growth in other sectors even longer.
  • 一个鼓励这样的创新者的国家将会使文化和创新潜力发扬光大,若反其道而行之则将落后。
    Countries that encourage these individuals will advance both their culture and their innovation potential. Those that do not will lag behind.
  • 我们必须实现科学技术现代化,否则我们要落后于其他国家。
    We must achieve modernization of science and technology, otherwise we will lag behind other nations.
  • 任何固守本本、漠视实践、超越或落后于实际生活的做法都不会得到成功。
    Any actions that stick to dogma, ignore practice, or overstep or lag behind real life will not succeed.
  • 和普通电容比较,超级电容向前迈了一大步,但超级电容在储能能力发面仍落后于电池。
    Despite offering a huge leap over regular capacitors, ultracaps still lag behind batteries when it comes to energy storage capacity.
  • 这种延迟在交谈过程中会层叠,而患儿就可能落后于正常发育的同龄人。
    The delays may cascade as a conversation progresses, and the child may lag behind typically developing peers.
  • 在这个模式中,加入本地代码的次数可能要更多一些,因为服务器端工具包通常落后于新的、更丰富的组件。
    The number of times you drop down seems to happen more in this model because server side toolkits usually lag behind in adopting new richer components.