just to

—— 英文翻译成中文


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just to - 只是为了,只求,刚才
Just go to large - 仅仅转到大,只是去大,只要去大
Just needed to talk - 我只是想要交谈
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  • 挂在那只是为了好看的毛巾对我来说没有任何意义。
    Towels that hang there just to look pretty make no sense to me.
  • 但是更多的人只是去那里观看这些聪明的创作品表演体操和一些时髦的舞步。
    But many more people were there just to see the clever creations perform gymnastics and some stylish dance moves.
  • 再说,因为一个人的罪过而折磨另一个人,这正当么?
    Besides, is it just to torment one man for the crime of another?
  • 顺便说一下,只是为了让你们知道,那个时代的科学家非常博学。
    Oh, by the way, just to let you know, these scientists of that era were polymaths.
  • 这是个蹩脚的回答,不只是我,许多雇主都会是这样认为的。
    That's a lame answer, not just to me, but to a lot of employers.
  • 我不会唱歌, 我在这儿只是滥竽充数。
    I am not good at singing. I'm here just to make up the number.
  • 你戴上他们只是为了看到他们或者为了拍照?
    You put them on just to see them or with a photo.
  • 仅仅为了“保证他们的安全”,你是否总是告诉孩子什么该做,什么不该做?
    Do you always tell your child what to do and what not to just to ‘keep them safe’?
  • “你意思是说 你的 大兄弟吧!” 我说,只是想戏弄她一下。
    “You mean your elder brother, ” I said just to tease her.
  • 有时他们会在半夜将我吵醒-----我的女儿最近开始养成了这样的习惯,她会跑到我们的卧室里来跟我们将她做到的梦,有时她跑过来仅仅是为了聊天。
    Sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night — my daughter is in the habit of doing this lately, popping into the bedroom to tell my wife and me about her dreams or sometimes just to chat.
  • 其实他们什么也不为,只是要以此表现他们的与众不同,表现他们的叛逆,表现他们对这个现实社会的不满罢了。
    Actually they did them for nothing, just to show that they were different and unique, and show their treacheries, with the dissatisfaction of the realistic society.
  • 它只是表明,我们可以从其他资源中获得我们的能源。
    It is just to show we can get our energy from other sources.
  • 在这个阶段,您应该尝试一些微小更改,其目的只是为了看看更改是否有效。
    At this stage, you should try some minor change just to see that it works.
  • 我做这张图只是为了展示观点的多样性。
    I do this just to show these diversities are there.