jacked up

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jacked up - 受伤了,一手擎天
jacked-up tuitions - 学费上涨
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  • 这个建筑结构的立柱需要定期抬高,以保证能够站在不断累积的冰雪之上。
    The structure is periodically jacked up on its support columns to stay above accumulating snow.
  • 司机用千斤顶把汽车顶起来了。
    The driver jacked up the car.
  • 他鼓起勇气,把坏消息告诉了他的妻子。
    He jacked up his courage and told his wife the bad news.
  • 现在,还是麻省的那几个科学家说已经将传输效率提高到了令人难以置信的90%,这意味着一年时间里他们将传输效率翻了个倍。
    Now those same scientists are said to have jacked up the efficiency to a pretty incredible 90 percent, meaning they’ve doubled efficiency in a year’s time.
  • 于是他们用起重机顶起小房子,把她放到拖车上。
    So they jacked up the Little House and put her on wheels.
  • 人人都怕不久会再次提高税收。
    Everyone is afraid that taxes will be jacked up again soon.
  • 古德温还推升了银行的交易量,“在2008年上半年将衍生品交易量增加44%至4830亿英镑。” 居然大大高于银行净存款额。
    Goodwin also jacked up the bank's trading, "boosting derivatives assets 44 percent to 483 billion pounds in the first half of 2008," which was greater than the bank's net deposits.
  • 你怎样度过假日?一切都安排妥当了吗?
    What about your holiday? Have you got everything properly jacked up?
  • 赛车精确地停入指定位置并迅速使用前部和后方的千斤顶顶起。
    The car stops in a precise position and is immediately jacked up front and rear.
  • 这辆车被千斤顶顶了起来, 轮胎移走了。
    The car is jacked up and the wheel removed.
  • 我被这条坏消息搅得心慌意乱的。
    I was really jacked up by the bad news.
  • 我在空无的噪音、鳗鱼似的热度、昏愕的汁水、迷醉的伦巴和初生的红光中被顶起。
    I am jacked up on void noise, eel fevers, stupor juice, drunken rumbas and birth glows.
  • 我真的顶了我的网站,以点,它不会出来。
    I really jacked up my site to the point where it wouldn't come up.
  • 您该给我增加点儿零用钱了。
    It's time you jacked up my allowance.
  • 大卫把汽车顶起来换轮胎。
    David jacked up the car to change the tyre.
  • 可能有一些相关的问题是可见的起落架,当车抬高。
    There could be some problems associated with the undercarriage that is only visible when the car is jacked up.
  • 起伏的音乐变化成影像出现在我的脑海,激起我的想象。
    The tunes made movies in my head and jacked up my imagination.
  • 将电动千斤顶在车子底盘指定位置,按下上升键,轻松把汽车顶起。
    Jack put the car chassis will electric designated position, press rise keys, relaxed the car jacked up.