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n. 条款,项目;一则;一件商品(或物品)
adj. 又,同上
v. 记下;逐条列出
ITEM - 项目,项,道具
item number - 非剧情演员,非剧情演员,货号
Item Record - 项目记录,专案记录,工程记录
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项目; 条款; 品目; 细目
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  • 即此一端,可概其余。
    This single item will suffice to typify all the rest.
  • 每个学生自己只做一项。
    Each student makes only one item themselves
  • 时尚编辑们兴奋地注视着每一件东西。
    Fashion editors drooled over every item
  • 在一次庭院拍卖会上,我偶然发现了一个忍不住想买的东西。
    I came upon an irresistible item at a yard sale.
  • 这一定会成为下星期议事日程上的一项议题。
    This is sure to be an item on the agenda next week
  • 日程中的另一项是旅游。
    The other item on the agenda is the tour.
  • 菜单中包括了偶尔会有的非传统菜肴。
    The menu includes the occasional off-beat item.
  • 他们播放的每一则新闻都有所偏向。
    They give a slant to every single news item that's put on the air.
  • 这一项可千万不能漏掉。
    Be sure not to leave out this item.
  • 这条新闻反映了普通老百姓的声音。
    This item of news reflects the voices of the common people.
  • 你最喜欢的衣服是哪一件?
    What is your favourite item of clothing?
  • 早晨喝咖啡时,新闻版面的一则趣闻令我感到惊奇。
    An intriguing item on the news pages caused me to raise an eyebrow over my morning coffee
  • 我们现在着手讨论下一项议题。
    We now proceed to the next item on the agenda.
  • 邀请学生们采用特定的技术自己去测试每个项目。
    The student is invited to test each item for himself by means of specific techniques.
  • 把这项工作提到议事日程上来。
    Put this item on our daily work schedule.
  • 仅此一项,我们便节余了一万余元。
    We saved over ten thousand yuan on this item alone.
  • 务必弄清楚将来赎回物品时需要支付多少钱。
    Make sure you know exactly what you will be paying back when you plan to redeem the item.
  • 皮革牛仔裤是这一季必备的时尚服饰。
    Leather jeans are the must-have fashion item of the season.
  • 明儿晚上拿《空城计》来压轴。
    Let's have the empty city ruse as the second major item for tomorrow evening's performance.
  • 他的讲话可是今天会上的压轴戏。
    His speech will be the most important item at today's meeting.
  • 这笔账已经销了。
    This item has been written off ( the account).
  • 有必要逐件检查一下是否有明显的瑕疵。
    It's worth checking each item for obvious flaws
  • 她和吉诺曾是一对。
    She and Gino were an item.
  • 如果警方涉入的话,这个局面就会变得更有新闻价值了。
    This situation might develop into an even more newsworthy item if the police were involved.
  • 旅游业收入是该国无形收益当中最大的一项。
    The revenue from tourism is the biggest single item in the country's invisible earnings
  • 这笔账应记入贷方还是借方?
    Does this item go among the credits or the debits?