it turns out to

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 不管它最终会是好主意还是坏主意,我们都会去寻找。
    Whether it turns out to be a good idea or bad idea, we’ll find out.
  • 如果结果证明它是无用的,不奇怪,有时会发生这样的事情。
    If it turns out to be useless, well, that happens sometimes.
  • 先查一下视力.视力正常.除了眼疼和发红之外.还有什么不舒服吗?
    It turns out to be normal. Any other troubles except the red and sore eyes?
  • 至于那颗在地平线上升起的神秘的星星,原来是火星。 现在正是火星最接近地球的时间之一。
    As to that mysterious star rising above the horizon, it turns out to be the planet Mars which is currently making one of its closest approaches to Earth.
  • 尽管我在其他地方也写过关于压力对人身体健康的危害,但是我没想到对父母而言这个问题更是关键。
    Though I've written elsewhere about how damaging stress can be to one's health, I was shocked by how crucial it turns out to be in parenting.
  • 他说,“如果计入甲烷排放的因素,结果发现天然气仅仅能削减煤炭10%到20%的碳排放强度,那该怎么办?
    What if, with revelations around methane emissions, it turns out to be only a 10 or 20 percent reduction of carbon from coal?
  • 但是它们可能导致质子衰变,如果这个假设被证明是正确的,这将是一个大问题。 因为在现有粒子物理的标准模型中质子是不能衰变的。
    But they could cause a proton to decay -- a very big deal, if it turns out to be correct, since proton decay isn't allowed under the current Standard Model of particle physics.
  • 有时你认为你降落在一个山谷里,结果却是这个星球的血盆大口。
    Other times you think you have landed in a valley and it turns out to be the planet’s mouth.
  • 正是这种无法收回的债款负担,不管它会滚多大,和有可能在将来几年内给经济复苏蒙上一层阴影。
    It is this bad-debt overhang, however big it turns out to be, that is likely to cast a pall over the recovery for years to come.
  • 某些人担心探索别处的生命,尤其是结果发现其拥有难以置信的技术,那将会使我们感到非常的渺小和无足轻重。
    Some people worry that discovering life elsewhere, especially if it turns out to be in possession of incredible technology, will make us feel small and insignificant.
  • 总是有这样令人失望的时候,当你想网上订购一款时尚的包包,结果第二天出现在眼前的却是一个老气横秋的小包。
    It is always a disappointment when you order a stylish bag online, and it turns out to be a grandma's purse when it turns up the next day.
  • 但事实证明是这一个很好的实践模型。
    But it turns out to be a good practical model.