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n. 照射;发光,放射
irradiation - 照射,辐照,辐射
irradiation preservation - 辐照保藏,辐照贮藏,辐照保鲜
electromagnetic irradiation - 电磁辐射,电磁照射,电磁辐照
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照耀; 光, 光线; 发光; 启迪
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  • 辐照杀菌很典型的特点是对哪些脂肪或油含量较高的产品杀菌效果不太好,因为食品在辐照的过程中会变质而产生陈腐的味道。
    Irradiation typically does not work so well on products with high amounts of fat or oil like peanut butter because they can turn rancid during the process.
  • 这些技术包括高压处理,脉动电场,射频电场,紫外线和辐射处理。
    These include high-pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, radio-frequency electric fields, ultraviolet light, and irradiation.
  • 一些消费者团体抱怨食品加工后广泛的采用辐照只是在掩盖食品工业的卫生问题。
    Some consumer groups complain that widespread irradiation of food after processing would simply cover up the food industry’s hygiene problems.
  • 辐射是将食品用较弱的电离放射法杀灭细菌,孢子,霉菌,寄生虫和如果不经处理就能导致食品变质和疾病的其他细菌。
    Irradiation exposes food to a low level of ionizing radiation to kill bacteria, molds, yeasts, parasites, and other microorganisms that can lead to food spoilage and illness if untreated.
  • 这都驱使着辐照杀菌愈来愈受主张。
    All of this drives advocates of irradiation crazy.
  • 两个不同辐照公司的官员说食品行业在缓慢地成长。
    Officials at two irradiation companies said business for food was growing slightly.
  • 同时,因为预付成本和的民众对于所有有关辐射的技术的潜在反应,食品工业官员对辐照杀菌保持谨慎态度。
    Food industry officials, meanwhile, remain wary of irradiation because of the upfront costs and the potential public reaction to any technique with the word “radiation” in it.
  • 你可以花12个小时在50个不同的网站上搜索兽权、劳工福利、反转基因网站或者反放射网站的信息。
    You could take 12 hours on 50 different sites checking animal rights, worker rights, anti-GMO sites or anti-irradiation sites.
  • 加热(如烹煮或加热杀菌)或者照射等杀菌处理是从受到污染的食品中祛除弯曲杆菌的唯一有效方法。
    Bactericidal treatment, such as heating (e.g. cooking or pasteurization) or irradiation is the only effective method of eliminating Campylobacter from contaminated foods.
  • 消灭食品中的出血性大肠杆菌的唯一有效方法是进行杀菌处理,例如加热(如烹煮或加热杀菌)或照射。
    The only effective method of eliminating EHEC from foods is to introduce a bactericidal treatment, such as heating (e.g. cooking or pasteurization) or irradiation.
  • 世卫组织正在促进使用可能有助于公共卫生的所有食品技术,例如巴氏灭菌法、食品辐照和发酵。
    WHO is promoting the use of all food technologies which may contribute to public health, such as pasteurization, food irradiation and fermentation.
  • 另外一些支持团体对辐照的长期性安全感到怀疑。
    And some advocacy groups question the long-term safety of irradiation.