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n. 邀请
vt. 邀请,招待;招致
Invite - 邀请,招待,诚邀
invite danger - 引起危险
Invite Lectures - 及邀请演讲,邀请演讲
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邀请 / 征求 / 招致
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邀请; 请求; 招待; 征求
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  • 我们需要邀请用户,为他们描述服务产品有多少好,给他们解释为什么他们需要填那些表单并且暗示他们会因此得到利益的回报。
    We need to invite them, describe to them how the service works, explain to them why they should fill in the form and suggests the benefits they’ll get in return.
  • 我们能邀请我所有的朋友吗?和所有的人在我的课吗?和我的老师吗?
    Can we invite all my friends? And all the people in my class? And my teacher too?
  • 如果您和这名用户具有相同的兴趣,那么单击 邀请至我的网络,这名用户将收到一封电子邮件,邀请他或她加入到您的联系人圈子中。
    If you and the person share common interests, click Invite to my network, and that person will receive an e-mail inviting him or her to be one of your network contacts.
  • 你所需要做的是说服你的好友接受你发送的邀请。
    All you have to do is convince your friends to accept the invite.
  • 那天晚上我打电话给她,邀请她出来与我共进晚餐,一起去看电影。
    That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie.
  • 先仔细想好了再决定该邀请谁。
    Look about carefully before deciding whom to invite.
  • 你可以邀请你的朋友或者家人来和你一起欣赏这些照片,那样你就可以和他们一起分享国外的经历了。
    You can invite some friends or maybe your family to look at these pictures with you, so that you can share with them the experiences.
  • 所有的公开宣传后,她为何再次决定邀请全世界人们走进她的生活呢?
    After all the publicity, why did she decide to invite the world into her life again?
  • 每隔一周,我们播出系列节目“这是我的信念, ”并邀请您发表自己的散文,分享您的个人信念。
    Every other week, we broadcast our series "This I Believe" and invite you to send in your own essay about personal conviction.
  • 如果他们应该在场,要邀请他们加入,一起决定前进的最佳方式,不论您跟他们的联系是正式还是非正式的。
    If they should be around the table, invite them and, jointly, determine the best way forward, whether your connection with them is formal or informal.
  • 寻找您感兴趣的人员并邀请他们加入到您的圈子。
    Find people that interest you and invite them to join your network.
  • 在办公室里他们待你很好,但却从不会邀请你参加家庭聚会。
    They treat you well in the office, but never invite you to a family party.
  • 提供所有的酒食,邀请所有你认识的人。
    Supply all the booze and invite everyone you know.
  • 只是因为我告诉你我的故事,这并不意味着邀请你成为其中的一部分!
    Just because I told you my story, does not invite you to be a part of it!
  • 我们邀请您现在就开始试用!
    We invite you to try it out soon!
  • 她真正想要的是某个人,甚至任何人都可以,拍拍她的肩,邀请她去他们的世界。
    What she really wants is for someone – anyone at all – to tap her on the shoulder and invite her into their world.
  • 我邀请你去阅读。
    I invite you to read.
  • 或者邀请那个人一起吃顿午饭。
    Or invite the person out for lunch.
  • 我们能邀请我所有的朋友吗?
    Can we invite all my friends?
  • 我邀请你在上课的时候提问,如果你愿意的话,课后也行。
    I invite you to ask questions in class or, if you prefer, after class as well.
  • 在本帖中,我们邀请你以新的眼光来看看我们的现实,期待一下不曾料想的东西。
    In this post, we invite you to look at our reality in a new light and expect the unexpected.
  • 但是我则不同,把他们邀请到我的大篷车,围拢在篝火旁,饮着家酿的苹果酒。
    But I invite them back to my caravan instead to have homemade cider around the campfire.
  • 你想让我把你的会计师也邀请到会议里么?
    Do you want me to invite your accountant to this meeting?