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n. 内部;本质
adj. 内部的;国内的;本质的
interior - 内部,内饰,室内,室内设计
interior product - 内乘
Interior Space - 室内空间,内部空间,车内空间,空间内部
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  • 室内布置得很简单,几乎有点平淡无奇。
    There is a simplicity about the interior which comes close to blandness
  • 所有食物中都存在的水分会吸收烟味,并最终将其散播到食物内部。
    The moisture present in all foods absorbs the flavour of the smoke and eventually diffuses that flavour into its interior.
  • 这样,在从事多年的室内设计和古董经营后,他把二者结合了起来。
    Thus it came about that, after many years as an interior designer and antiques dealer, he combined both businesses.
  • 房子内部正逐渐受到侵蚀。
    Rot is eating away the interior of the house
  • 内政部的一位官员说已有6人丧生。
    An official from the Ministry of the Interior said six people had died.
  • 该船内部亟需油漆。
    The boat's interior badly needed painting.
  • 这家商店的内部装修仍然保留着19世纪的风格。
    The interior of the shop still retains a nineteenth-century atmosphere
  • 房子里摆放着笨重的旧式家具。
    The interior of the house was furnished with heavy, old-fashioned pieces
  • 内墙漆成了绿色。
    The interior walls were painted green
  • 内政部长说,只要他们不违规,他仍然会支持他们。
    The interior minister said he would still support them, as long as they didn't break the rules
  • 傍晚的太阳照亮了教堂内部。
    The late afternoon sun brightened the interior of the church.
  • 内部设计一丝不苟,足以让军方引以为豪。
    The interior is planned with a precision the military would be proud of.
  • 她描写人类的内心生活,尤其是他们所承受的道德压力。
    She depicted the interior life of human beings, and particularly their moral stresses and strains.
  • 决议是根据内政部部长的提议作出的。
    The decision was made on the recommendation of the Interior Minister.
  • 科西嘉岛腹地地势高企,环境荒芜。
    The interior of Corsica is high and untamed.
  • 这些措施正由内政部部队实施。
    The measures are being enforced by Interior Ministry troops.
  • 他给内政部长打了个电话,结果你看,不到一个钟头囚犯就给释放了。
    He called the minister of the interior and, lo and behold, within about an hour, the prisoners were released
  • 精心搭配的室内装饰似乎已不再受欢迎了。
    Interior decoration by careful coordination seems to have had its day.
  • 室内设计师的整个职业生涯都是紧跟时尚潮流的。
    Interior designers spend their working lives keeping up to date with the latest trends
  • 彼得·贝克的浴室是高档室内设计的集大成之作。
    Peter Baker's bathroom is a brilliant pastiche of expensive interior design.
  • 他把车开到路边,打开车内的照明灯查看地图。
    He pulled the car over, turned on the interior light, examined the map.
  • 车内空间比有些同类车宽敞。
    There is more interior space than in some rival cars