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adj. 无效的,失效的;不起作用的
Ineffective - 不灵,不力,无效的
ineffective troops - 虾兵蟹将
found ineffective - 发现失效
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  • 低效的管理导致了极差的利润。
    Ineffective management caused/ resulted in poor profits.
  • 我想最只要有以下几方面原因:1、监督部门不力或者根本不存在;
    I think the most as long as the following reasons: 1, Ineffective supervision departments or non-existent;
  • 作为一名医生,我深知最昂贵和最激进的手段也可能是无效的和痛苦的。
    Ask a physician, I know the most costly and dramatic measures may be ineffective and painful.
  • 但是如果他掌权,分析家认为他将是微弱和无效的。
    But if he stays in power, analysts believe he will be weak and ineffective.
  • 用这种方法控制你的狗不起作用。
    This is an ineffective method of controlling your dog.
  • 许多学校仍继续使用被证明是无效的教学方法。
    Many schools continue to employ instructional methods that have been proven ineffective.
  • 如果方法不好,意图再好,也往往无济于事。
    Ineffective means often defeat the best intentions.
  • 渐渐地,奥巴马在海外被描绘成了软弱、优柔寡断和无能的形象。
    Increasingly Mr Obama was portrayed overseas as weak, indecisive and ineffective.
  • 诸上的问题将导致信用社治理结构无效。
    All problems will lead to ineffective management structure of credit cooperatives.
  • 两个明显的问题是被授权的条例标准的失败和条例强制力的效率低下。
    Two obvious problems were the failure of the act's standards to be mandated and its ineffective enforcement.
  • 但是,仍有许多城市对开发和建设经济适用房政策实施不力。
    However, there are many cities in the development and construction of housing policy ineffective.
  • 这种训练没有效率,而且是对稀缺资源的浪费。
    This kind of training is ineffective, and wasteful of scarce resources
  • 经济改革仍将举步维艰,毫无成效。
    Economic reform will continue to be painful and ineffective
  • 我平常也挺有女人缘的,怎么魅力到了你这就失效了。
    I usually have Tingyou woman edge, how you charm to this ineffective.
  • 此外,他们还声称任何这样的干预都是完全无效的。
    Furthermore, they claim that any such interference is completely ineffective.
  • 如果事实证明他们已无力胜任,应该将他们降级或让他们退休。
    If they prove ineffective they should be demoted or asked to retire.
  • 大量无效地实施管理,并且项目目标和团队的成功受到危害。
    Management is rendered largely ineffective, and project objectives and the team's success are jeopardized.
  • 然而,尽管制裁是必要的惩罚,但事实证明这种威慑无效。
    But although sanctions were a necessary punishment they have proved an ineffective deterrent.
  • 这是一个无效合同。
    That's an ineffective contract.
  • 毕竟,各项花费常常看起来是浪费和低效的。
    After all, the expenditures can often seem wasteful and ineffective.
  • 本合同的个别条款无效或失效,将不影响其他条款。
    If individual provisions of this Contract are or become ineffective, this shall not affect other provisions.
  • 研究人员还说,抗氧化剂叶酸和维生素B对预防慢性疾病是有害或无效的。
    The researchers also said the antioxidants folic acid and B vitamins are harmful or ineffective for preventing chronic diseases.
  • 医生们进行了给药治疗但无效。
    Doctors prescribed medication, but it proved to be ineffective.
  • 政府保障和联邦储备银行条例,以防止这种恐慌是无效的或不使用。
    Government guarantees and Federal Reserve banking regulations to prevent such panics were ineffective or not used.
  • 杜鲁门选择了无效的中间道路:和蒋介石站在统一战线,但是不提供太多支持。
    Truman chose an ineffective middle road: side with Chiang, but not too much.
  • 这或许是次好选择,但远好于推迟和无效监管的第三选择。
    It may be second best but far better than the third-best alternative of delayed and ineffective regulation.
  • 这之间的区别是一种有效的教师和一个无效的老师。
    This is the difference between an effective teacher and an ineffective teacher.
  • 然而和成功的人一样,不成功的人由他们的习惯、行动和态度所造就。
    However, just like the successful, the ineffective are shaped by their habits, actions and attitudes.
  • 但是目前低钠血症的治疗方法往往是无效的、不易耐受的。
    Yet current therapies for hyponatremia are often ineffective and poorly tolerated.