industrial hygiene

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[医] 工业卫生;劳动卫生
industrial hygiene - 工业卫生,劳动卫生,企业卫生
industrial development hygiene standard - 工业卫生标准
industrial development hygiene - 工业卫生
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  • VESTA抗磨液压油H适用于地下采矿设备、建筑机械、注塑机以及其他液压系统中。
    VESTA Hydraulic Oils H Antiwear are suitable for applications used in equipment located in underground mines, industrial hygiene units and other hydraulic systems.
  • 学士学位,所学专业为安全工程、职业卫生、消防安全或其他相关工程专业;
    Bachelor Degree, major in safety engineering, industrial hygiene, fire fighting or related;
  • 他具有丰富的工作经验,涉及到工业卫生、安全、化学品危害评估、微生物生长评估、噪音评估和控制以及室内空气方面;
    He is experienced in the areas of industrial hygiene, safety, chemical hazard assessment, microbial growth assessment, noise evaluation and control, and indoor air quality.
  • 经过现场测试,本方法可用于工业卫生监测。
    Through the field-test, the method can be used in monitoring for industrial hygiene.
  • 本工厂针对工业卫生因素进行监测,监测报告于3月10日提交。
    We will submit the report of monitoring and recognizing industrial hygiene at 3/10.
  • 检查管理公司安全生产、环保、消防、工业卫生,及时诊断、控制、处理事故隐患;
    Check management, safe production, environmental protection, fire control, industrial hygiene, timely diagnosis, control, handling accidents;
  • 处理好工业卫生和安全惯例。
    Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practices.
  • 准备参加注册工业卫生师(CIH)考试的人士可能获得16小时专业学士,将有助于获得CIH考试资格。
    Participants may earn 16 contact hours of formal industrial hygiene training towards qualification to sit for the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) examination.
  • 改善环境卫生和工业卫生;
    improve environmental and industrial hygiene;
  • 工业卫生,医疗器械,液控制上空,燃烧分析仪,微量元素检测。
    Industrial Hygiene, Medical Instruments, Air over Liquid Control, Combustion Analyzers, Trace Detection.
  • 工业卫生原理课程大致介绍了工业卫生和职业卫生领域。
    Principles of Industrial Hygiene provides an introduction to the field of industrial hygiene and to occupational health in general.
  • 制订、执行、管理所有适用于公司运营的环境、健康、安全(EHS)和工业卫生(IH) 方面的方针和项目。
    To develop, implement and administrate all applicable Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Industrial Hygiene (IH) policies and programs for lant operation.
  • 当时巴尼斯-索利兹30岁,拥有位于柯林斯堡的科罗拉多州立大学科学与环境健康学士学位和工业卫生学理学硕士学位。
    Barnes-Soliz, then 30, had earned a bachelor’s degree in science and environmental health and a Master of Science in industrial hygiene at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
  • 工业卫生检测、室内空气质量采样分析、烟囱排气管采样和分析;
    Industrial hygiene services, indoor air sampling and analysis, stack sampling and analysis;
  • 准备工业卫生和环境空气监测报告,以及查其他类似报告,确保技术上的精确度和完整性。
    Prepare industrial hygiene and environmental air monitoring reports, as well as peer-review other such documents for technical accuracy and completeness.
  • 方法:企业工业卫生工作的基础与重点是生产现场的调查研究。
    It is said that the basis and main point of a industrial hygiene are the investigation of production site.
  • 结论该工业废液处置工程,职业卫生综合评价合格。
    Conclusions The result of synthetic evaluation shows that occupational hygiene of the industrial waste liquid disposal system is qualified.
  • 该产品可加强用于硬表面清洁产品的效能,用途十分广泛,包括家居护理、工业清洗、汽车清洗、飞机清洗和食品卫生方面。
    This product can enhance the performance of a broad spectrum of hard surface cleaner formulations for use in household, institutional, automotive, avionic, food, hygiene and industrial applications.