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[电磁] 感应
inductions - 光和,归纳的,反义
Officer Inductions - 新职员就职
Member Inductions - 介绍出席者
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就职; 入会; 就职仪式; 征召
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  • 除了本课程,还有其他课程也涉及了EH&S 承包商选择和审核及建筑承包商安全入职教育的内容。
    In addition to this course, other courses are available that cover EH&S contractor selection and review, and construction contractor safety inductions.
  • 这样的概括的归纳因为被许多的事例所证实,便认为就它们来讲,合当承认单纯枚举归纳。
    Such comprehensive inductions are confirmed by so many instances that it is thought legitimate to accept, as regards them, an induction by simple enumeration.
  • 但如果让两个线圈稍稍远离一点,它们就会停止工作,因为只有在非常短的距离才会有感应现象。
    But if you pull the coils apart just a little bit they stop working because the inductions phenomenon only works over a very short distance.
  • 与他们的诱导,将有41个成员国的最伟大的球员联队,和12所载的为优良服务。
    With their inductions, there will be 41 members of the Greatest Players wing, and 12 enshrined for Meritorious Service.
  • 研究者发现新政策下,所有的引产率下降了 33% ,并且选择引产的比率也差不多下降了 33% 。
    Researchers found that under the new policy the overall induction rate dropped 33% and the rate of elective inductions fell by roughly the same amount.
  • 不管是直接的意识还是抽象推理的意识,哲学都是以经验为其起点的。
    Its point of departure is Experience; including under that name both our immediate consciousness and the inductions from it.
  • 结果孕妇并发腹水38例,行剖宫产终止妊娠34例,水囊引产8例,围生儿死亡6例。
    Results 38 pregnancy women complicating ascitic fluid, 34 terminations of pregnancy by uterine-incision delivery, 8 inductions of labor with water bag, 6 perinatal deaths.
  • 其不对称诱导一般受立体和电子因素控制。
    Asymmetric inductions usually governed by both steric and electronic effects.
  • 19世纪的科学哲学家修艾尔,就把这种经由不同研究途径得到万流归一的结论过程,称作「归纳的融通」。
    The 19th-century philosopher of science William Whewell called this process of independent lines of inquiry converging together to a conclusion a " consilience of inductions."
  • 从九月开始,俄勒冈州将于其他各州一起,对孕期39周以前,选择性而非医疗必须的引产与剖腹产说不。
    From September, Oregon will join several other states in refusing to perform elective, non-medically necessary inductions and caesarean sections before 39 weeks of pregnancy.
  • 第四章主要针对第一章分析的志愿者权益保护问题除立法之外的问题进行归类提出对策。
    The suggestions and proposals are provided based on inductions of foreign experiences and legislation systems in China.
  • 采用多个单元调制器并联输出,各个单元调制器回路的分布电感也并联,其等效分布电感将大大减小。
    When many cell modulators are paralleled, their distributed inductions are also paralleled, the effective distributed inductance of the modulator is reduced.
  • 人类的很多持续的行为都可以用到量变与质变的原理,他的三个推论也很有用。
    There are many human behaviours that fit into the principle of quantity change and quality change. His three inductions are practical as well.
  • 毛竹种子愈伤组织的诱导率与诱导过程中种子发芽率无明显相关。
    There had no relation between callus inductions with germination of seed in the process of callus induction.