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adj. 不适当的;不相称的
inappropriate - 不恰当,不宜,不适当的
Inappropriate Intimacy - 过度亲密,狎昵关系,不合适的亲密
inappropriate pronunciation - 音偏差,发音偏差
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不适当的; 不相称的
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  • 这不但降低了孩子每天被动接受的含有性内容的不适当的媒体信息,而且给家庭作业、运动、交友和家务劳动留出了时间。
    This not only reduces the dose of sexually inappropriate content a child gets daily, but leaves time for other things, like homework, sports, friends, and family.
  • 对于现代人来说,在大多数情况下,当我们被杏仁核劫持时,由于我们的反应常常是不适当的,通常这便是不怎么健康的了。
    For modern people, in most situations, this is not usually very healthy as our responses are often inappropriate when we are hijacked by the amygdala.
  • 不适当和不合理的药物使用为耐药微生物的出现和传播形成了有利的条件。
    Inappropriate and irrational use of medicines provides favourable conditions for resistant microorganisms to emerge and spread.
  • 对于特定类型的使用,这是至关重要的,因为您可以阻止用户发送不适当的输入并导致异常结果。
    For certain types of exploits, this is crucial, as you can stop a user from sending inappropriate input and causing an unexpected result.
  • 标记不适当的内容。
    Flagging of inappropriate content.
  • 最后,孩子和家长应该有一个机制,可以方便,安全地删除不适当的终端联机信息。
    And finally, kids and parents should have a mechanism to easily and safely delete inappropriate information that ends up online.
  • 当然,我们可以完全不使用显式的范围,只要能确保没有用不适当的类型来实例化类型参数。
    Of course, we could simply leave off the explicit bound and just make sure that we never instantiate the type parameter with an inappropriate type.
  • 考虑到力度问题、性别问题和不合适宜的接触,我们得小心触碰。
    We have to be careful about touch, given power issues, gender issues and inappropriate touch.
  • 这是不合理共享的一种情况。
    This is a case of inappropriate sharing.
  • 这些攻击型的客户甚至可能是经过授权可以使用您的系统的用户,但却试图以一种不适当的方式来利用这种授权。
    It is possible that the offending client could even be authorized to use your system, but is trying to exploit that authorization in some inappropriate way.
  • 您可以监视并且检查这些日志,来在业务流程级别检测不适当的交互模式。
    You can monitor and review these logs to detect patterns of inappropriate interaction at the business process level.
  • 写一句不合适的对话,解释为什么它不该出现在问候中。
    Write an inappropriate line and explain why it should not be part of the greeting.
  • 以往处理灾难的经验表明不适当的捐助物只能造成混乱。
    Previous experience of disasters has shown that inappropriate contributions have only led to confusion.
  • 声明表示:“现在我们已经完全叫停这次不适当的行为,并已做出了综合变更。”
    "At present we have thoroughly put a stop to this inappropriate behaviour and have undertaken comprehensive changes, " it said.
  • 以我的经历为例,几年前,我偶尔会收到了一封不请自来的消息,大概每天有一封或两封。
    In my own experience, a few years ago I occasionally received an inappropriate message, perhaps one or two each day.