in relation to

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in relation to - 关于,有关,波及
in relation to education - 关乎教
In Relation To Sales - 相对于销售收入
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  • 在每一部分,她引用研究文献并使其项目的特征和研究保持一致,以此来展示学校中的孩子们学到了哪些与各个主题相关的东西。
    In each, she draws on the research literature and keys it to features of her program, to show what the school children learn in relation to each topic.
  • 对我们任何人来说,任何一座城市仅在和我们自己有关的意义上存在。
    For any of us, a given city only exists in relation to ourselves.
  • 这一部分显示了在涉及到高速缓存时,您不应该扩展接口来检索仅仅为填充高速缓存所需的数据。
    This section showed that in relation to caching, you should not extend the interfaces to retrieve data that is not needed just to fill the cache.
  • 那么,叶芝是怎么处理,他和他所描写的事件的关系的呢?
    Well, how does Yeats stand in relation to the events he's describing?
  • 本部分首先阐明与 SIB 相关的技术术语,并通过将其加入层模型中来设定它们彼此之间的关系。
    First,ly, the SIB related technical terms are clarified and set in relation to each other by joining them into a layer model.
  • 下次你发觉自己在抱怨比尔呢的错误时,问问你自己,“关于这个我并不喜欢的问题,我是怎么了?”
    Next time you catch yourself complaining about some fault in others, ask yourself, “What is it about myself, in relation to this topic, that I don't like?
  • 这个比例基本涉及到金属业,但不涉及到比如鞋子或纱线这些美元可以买到商品。
    This fixed the dollar in relation to metal but not in relation to things, like shoes or yarn, that dollars could buy.
  • 为了帮助确定主题领域,要考虑与商业利益相关的“何时、何处、谁、什么、为何以及如何”等问题。
    To help determine the subject areas, consider the questions "when, where, who, what, why, and how" in relation to your business interests.
  • 在这个视图中,您根本无法确定与文本相关的图像和链接出现在 哪里。
    You simply cannot determine in this view where the image and anchor occur in relation to the text.
  • 这些计算机模型不仅能够模拟分子的结构,而且还能模拟分子如何移动以及它们如何互相联动作用。
    The models can simulate not just the structures of the molecules but also how they move and interact in relation to each other.
  • 你对她一点儿都不了解,也不了解自己和她的关系,无论如何它只是那些事情之一,因此没有任何重要性。
    You know nothing about her really, or about yourself in relation to her, and anyhow it's only one of those things and therefore it's of no importance.
  • 现在,在你花在工作上的时间下面, 列出你所做的与工作相关的每件事。
    Now, underneath your time spent at work, list every other activity you do in relation to your work.
  • 你将会意识到这些好处的意义、用途,与实现你的愿望之间的联系。
    You'll recognize the significance and usefulness of those benefits in relation to achieving your desire.