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n. 祈使句;命令句
adj. 必要的,紧急的;命令的
Imperatives - 祈使句,命令句,使句
biological imperatives - 生物指令
business imperatives - 业务需要
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  • 支持这些必要因素的方法很大程度上是基于一个输出/输入概念或一个全局存储库的概念。
    Historically, the approaches to supporting these imperatives have been largely based on either an export/import concept or on the notion of a single global repository.
  • 康德认为这种推理应当被应用在很多我们所最珍视的道德命令上,并且认为任何理性生物都必须服从这些命令。
    Kant thought this kind of reasoning could be applied to many of our most cherished moral imperatives and would entail the obedience of any rational creature.
  • 反意疑问句也用以使祈使句更礼貌。
    You use some question tags to make imperatives more polite.
  • 这种精英主义论调忽视了大众的复杂性和阅读过程中的规训与逃避。
    This elitism ignores the complication of the mass as well as the imperatives and avoidance in reading.
  • SOA 能以灵活的方式将业务功能及需求与 IT 功能联系起来,因此业务或为其提供支持的 IT 都不会受到另一方的影响。
    SOA links business functions and imperatives to IT capabilities in an agile manner so that neither the business nor its supporting IT is disruptive of the other.
  • 没有对`怎样做才是正确的`的有效规定。
    There are no valid imperatives of right doing.
  • 这一原则下有若干隐含规则。
    There are several imperatives underlying this principle.
  • 如果我的价值观能从其与神律的联系和伦理要求的承诺中获得支持与力量,那任何事物都无法给我造成真正的伤害。
    If my values receive their sanction and strength from relationship to divine law and acceptance of its ethical imperatives, then nothing can really harm me.
  • 透明度是一个重要的目标,但是建立一个和平国际秩序的历史性机遇同样紧迫。
    Transparency is an essential objective, but historic opportunities for building a more peaceful international order have imperatives as well.
  • 我们重视家庭的职责和家庭包含的养育下一代的义务。
    We value the imperatives of family and the cross-generational obligations that family implies.
  • 因此当您考虑所交付的功能时,它将帮助客户根据他们的战略业务需要来更有效地交付软件。
    So when you think about the capabilities being delivered, it's going to help customers more effectively deliver software against their strategic business imperatives.
  • 这种伙伴关系应该在21世纪史无前例的全球道德责任的指导下。
    That partnership should be guided by the moral imperatives of the 21st century’s unprecedented global interdependence.
  • 本文以言语行为理论为指导,全面、系统地讨论了指令行为及汉语祈使句的特征。
    Under the guidance of speech acts theory, this dissertation gives a full and systematic discussion of Chinese directives and imperatives.
  • 执行这些测试的质量工程(QE)团队,在验证应用软件实现客户需求或业务规则方面,扮演了一个支持客户的角色。
    The quality engineering (QE) team that performs these tests acts primarily as a customer advocate in verifying the application's ability to fulfill customer needs or business imperatives.
  • 这些文章中介绍的模型结构是指南,不是强制的。
    The model structures described in this articles are guidelines, not imperatives.
  • 本研究思路也可以推广到英汉语言中的祈使句、感叹句、双重否定句等其他强调句式的相关研究中去。
    The research approach applied in this study can be extended to investigations on imperatives, exclamations and negation in both English and Chinese language.