impedance mismatch

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impedance mismatch - 阻抗不匹配,阻抗失配,阻抗失谐
impedance-mismatch - 平面弯曲波,阻抗失配
acoustic impedance mismatch - 释义声阻抗失谐
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  • 阻抗匹配设计是平板裂缝天线设计中需要重点考虑的问题,主要包含辐射缝和耦合缝两部分的阻抗匹配。
    But sometime there are duplicate storage problems because of the impedance mismatch between object model and relational model.
  • 尽管如此,Jobs说,“这是智能手机领域的正常现象,”忽略了吸收和阻抗失配问题之间的区别。
    Nonetheless, Jobs said, "This is life in smartphone world, " ignoring the difference between the absorption and impedance mismatch problems.
  • 时钟匹配 —— 从源端到器件的时钟线必须完全匹配,因为每当有阻抗失配的情况下,就会有部分信号反射。
    Clock Termination – Traces carrying clock signals from a source to a device must have matching terminations because whenever there is an impedance mismatch, a part of the signal gets reflected.
  • 这种处理背后的意图是最大限度地降低面板边界或机翼后缘的阻抗失配,让飞机蒙皮的表面行波可以看到。
    The intent behind such treatments is to minimise the impedance mismatch at a panel boundary, or trailing edge, seen by a surface travelling wave attached to the skin of the aircraft.
  • 因为在对象范例和关系范例之间“阻抗不匹配”。
    Because of the "impedance mismatch" between the object paradigm and the relational paradigm.
  • 这被称为阻抗不连续或阻抗不匹配。
    This is called an impedance discontinuity or an impedance mismatch.
  • 本发明的柔性布线板提供具有尽管立体地弯折也可实现降低阻抗 失配并降低传输损失的布线构造的柔性布线板。
    Provided is a flexible wiring board, which reduces an impedance mismatch even if three-dimensionally folded, so that it can realize a reduction in a transmission loss.
  • 由于所有这些原因,在尝试使用关系数据库来持久化诸如 Python 等动态语言中的对象时,关系数据库导致了显著的不匹配。
    For all of these reasons, relational databases offer what we might call a noticeable impedance mismatch when we try to use them to persist objects in a dynamic language like Python.
  • 从根本上来说,技术界面与人类用户之间的“阻抗失配”问题需要由用户解决而非技术专家。
    Ultimately, the 'impedance mismatch' problem between our technology interfaces and human users will be decided more by the users than the technologists.
  • 当你跨组织边界的时候就会遇到很大的阻力,特别是在业务和IT组织之间。
    There is a huge impedance mismatch as you cross an organizational boundary, particularly the boundary between the business and IT organizations.
  • 这就造成了不匹配的障碍,必须进行测试。
    This creates an impedance mismatch that must be tested for.
  • 高精度扩频测距系统中,信道设备间阻抗失配引入的测距误差是影响系统性能的重要因素。
    Interconnection channel equipments' impedance mismatch is the key influence factor of system range performance in spread spectrum ranging system.
  • 在某些场所,苹果婆司宣称阻抗得配题目战接收题目是同一题目。
    In some places, the company implies that the impedance mismatch problem and the absorption problem are one and the same.
  • 因为ActiveRecord的大部分代码存在的原因是对象和关系型数据库的不匹配现象,许多ActiveRecord的代码都将变得毫无必要。
    Since much of ActiveRecord is there because of the impedance mismatch between objects and relational databases, a lot of ActiveRecord will be unnecessary.
  • 结果表明,初次测验观测到了强烈的阻抗失配,这个模型不能追踪的更远。
    The results reflected the strong impedance mismatch observed with the simulation of the initial test article, and this model was not pursued further.
  • 但是,这两项技术之间存在着著名的不匹配问题。
    But it is also well known that there is an"impedance mismatch"between these two technologies.
  • 最初因为不正确的阻抗匹配所导致的数据错误值是在频响方面及方波震铃。
    The primary errors caused by an impedance mismatch are the frequency response and amount of squarewave ringing.
  • 这种度量作用可以阻止手指接触到天线的馈点,从而解决阻抗失配的问题。
    It’s beneficial effect is purely a result of the way it prevents one’s finger from touching the antenna’s feed point, solving the impedance mismatch issue.
  • 在源端没有衰减器隔离时,由于源端阻抗不匹配引起的负误差,可以修正。
    Without attenuation isolation in source terminal, the negative error due to source terminal impedance mismatch may be corrected.
  • 进而提出了耦合器设计原则是在满足带宽要求的前提下,减小配电网络阻抗和耦合器阻抗不匹配产生的衰耗。
    On this basis, the couple device's design principle is to decrease the mismatch loss of the network impedance and couple device impedance.
  • 对象到 RDF 的阻抗不匹配
    The object-to-RDF impedance mismatch