imagine as

—— 英文翻译成中文


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imagine as - 认为成,把…当作
I imagine him as popular - 他想像我一样受人欢迎
imagine life as a convict - 想象犯人的生活,想想犯人的日子
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  • 我们相处了那么长的时间,我觉得我似乎就是你,似乎你比我自己更加的重要,我真的无法想象如果我没有遇到你我的生活是怎样的!
    We have been together the that long time, I thought I as if am you, you compared to my even more unimportance, I really are unable to imagine as if how if I haven't run into your me the life am!
  • 想想你是一个建筑师,分派到一个公司大厦的设计任务。
    Imagine yourself as an architect tasked with designing a large corporate skyscraper.
  • 好处是把自己想像成哈佛的学生学这门课,是很有趣的。
    The benefit is that it’s interesting to imagine yourself as a student at Harvard moving through the course as the semester progresses.
  • 他们的书面一个非常个人的观点,感情混合事实,鼓励孩子去思考,感受和想象,因为他们学习。
    They're written from a very personal viewpoint, mixing facts with feelings, encouraging children to think, feel and imagine as they learn.
  • 首先,人们必须要能够看着你并且把你与总统的形象联系起来。
    First, people have to be able to look at you and imagine you as President.
  • 娜乌西卡,手臂洁白,纯洁无暇,身体和相貌上酷似不朽的神灵——我应该把她设想成汉娜或索菲亚吗?
    Nausicaa, white-armed and virginal, who in body and features resembled the immortals—should I imagine her as Hanna or as Sophie?
  • 事实上,您是在康复,而您自己的疑心病妨碍治疗。
    Actually, you are recovering and what you imagine as your worry is slowing down the treatment.
  • 买些书,做些调查,开始想像着自己是一个家长。
    Buy some books do some research and begin to imagine yourself as a parent.
  • 想象一下,您如何向客户解释您目前所做的工作。
    Imagine them as what you would tell a customer to explain what you are doing.
  • 想象一下,这是一幅地图,每个角上都有一个正在发展为不同性取向的大的小镇。
    Imagine it as a map, with the town at each corner having grown to form one big city of sexual identities.
  • 在我阐明实验结果前,试图去想象一下你自己是实验的被试。
    Before I explain the results, try to imagine yourself as the participant in this experiment.
  • 你也可以想像这样一些场景:孙辈们在你膝头戏闹,引领着你的孙女走在婚礼的红地毯上,跟你的挚友打高尔夫、、、一切都你来说有意义的事。
    Or maybe you imagine smiling as your grandkids bounce on your knee, or as you walk your granddaughter down the aisle to get married, or play golf with your best friend, whatever has meaning for you.
  • 艾米,你经常说每个人都要把自己当成电影里的主角,那你有没有看过一部电影,里面最要好的朋友最终却爱上了彼此?
    Amy, you always tell people to imagine themselves as the main character in a movie. Haven’t you ever seen a movie where best friends wind up falling in love?
  • 闭上眼睛,用五种感觉,放纵想象,去做相信可以做到的事情。
    Close your eyes and imagine as vividly as possible, with all five senses, doing that conceivable thing.
  • 例如,对于一个迟迟不为退休生活储蓄的人来说,他可以尽可能生动地去想象自己依靠可以存到的退休金而生活的情景。
    For example, a person who is procrastinating on saving for retirement might imagine as vividly as possible living on his or her potential retirement savings.
  • 与其将互联网想象成一个单一的全球云,将其想象为由许多云组成的一个系统(比如一个暴风雨云)可能更准确。
    Rather than imagining the Internet as a single global cloud, it is perhaps more accurate to imagine it as a system of many clouds, like a thunderstorm.
  • 我喜欢把时间想象成是在出生时就得到的门票,它们的数量是一定的。
    I like to imagine time as if you are given a certain amount of tickets at birth.
  • 可以把它想像成书中突出显示的一节。
    You can imagine it as being like highlighted passages in a book.
  • 做为卖家的我实在是无法想像做为买家一方脑中想像的鞋子上脚是如何的,敬情谅解!
    As a seller of the I It is impossible to imagine as the buyer side of the brain to imagine how the shoes on feet, King of understanding the situation!