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n. 腐殖质;腐植土
humus - 腐殖质,腐殖质,腐殖土
raw humus - 粗腐殖质,粗腐植质,生腐植质
forest humus - 森林腐殖土,森林腐植质,林地腐殖质
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  • 蚯蚓吃下大量土壤,排出肥力丰富、物理结构理想的腐殖质。
    Earthworms consume large amounts of soil, and produce a rich humus, perfect in texture.
  • 正是在这一阶段,堆肥变成良好的、疏松芳香的腐殖质土。
    It is during this stage that the compost turns into good, crumbly fragrant, humus earth.
  • 本品原料选自营养均衡的天然海藻、腐殖质和各类有机质,含有多种微量元素。
    Natural alga, humus and several of organic matter which has balanced nutrients and contain many microelements are the component of this product.
  • 生长在腐殖质里的昆虫幼虫可以被有经验的厨师烹制成菜汤、布丁和煎蛋饼。
    Larva, grown in humus, can be turned into pureed and creamed soups, puddings, or omelets by skilled cooks.
  • 腐殖质是已死的、腐烂中的有机物质。而不是无机肥料。
    Humus is dead, decaying organic matter. NOT inorganic fertilizer.
  • 这些食品是humus(胡姆斯,即一种鹰嘴豆泥)和被称为tehina(特海纳)的芝麻酱,以及特海纳本身。
    The foods were humus, a dip of puréed chickpeas with tehina, a sesame seed paste, and tehina itself.
  • 疏松,易碎的土壤,富含腐殖质并适宜种植。
    Loose, friable soil, rich in humus and fit for planting.
  • 我们的重点是在制造堆肥腐殖质。
    Our focus in composting is to create humus.
  • 间作在常规农作物生长间期内种植的农作物,比如冬麦或三叶草,以预防土壤侵蚀并能提供腐殖质和氮。
    Cover crop: a crop such as winter rye or clover planted between periods of regular crop production to prevent soil erosion and provide humus or nitrogen.
  • 根据腐殖质与矿物质土壤的结合程度、分解作用中所含的有机物类型以及原有的植被,腐殖质可区分为几个类型。
    Humus is classified according to how well it is incorporated into the mineral soil, the types of organisms involved in its decomposition, and the vegetation from which it is derived.
  • 谷类,包括所有的面包、燕麦粥、豆类、玉米、大米饼、米饭、匹萨、带皮土豆等。
    Cereal, whole grain breads, oatmeal, beans, lentils, corn, rice cakes, whole grain pasta/rice, pretzels, humus, potatoes (with the skin!), etc.
  • 结果表明:通过施肥提高腐殖质的含量同时能降低胡敏酸E4/E6值,增加了胡敏酸分子的复杂程度。
    The results showed: fertilization could increase the content of humus, decrease E4/E6, and improve the degree of complexity of humic acid molecule.
  • 由于土壤性质和腐殖质含量的不同,土壤的含水量并不能很好地说明是否适宜植物的生长。
    Because of the distinction of soil property and humus content, soil water content is not ideal to indicate whether it is suitable to the growth of plant.
  • 这个生物质是在一个连续的分解状态下,最后生成了一种半稳定的物质叫做腐殖质。
    This biomass material is in a continuing state of decomposition, ultimately becoming that semi-stable material called humus.
  • 它的成份含﹕有机腐殖质和氮、磷、钾、钙、镁、硫及铁、铜、锌、硼、钼等多种微量元素。
    Its composition containing: organic humus and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and iron, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and other trace elements.
  • 尝试放一些腐殖酸在小麦皮塔面包上。
    Try humus on wheat pita bread.
  • 我们的重点在堆肥是创造腐殖质。
    Our focus in composting is to create humus.
  • 在常规农作物生长间期内种植的农作物,比如冬麦或三叶草,以预防土壤侵蚀并能提供腐殖质和氮。
    A crop, such as winter rye or clover, planted between periods of regular crop production to prevent soil erosion and provide humus or nitrogen.
  • 这些含碳化合物有部分从根部被共生真菌和土壤中的微生物摄取,最后变成腐殖质储存在土壤里。
    Some of those carbon products transfer from the roots to symbiotic fungi and soil microbes, which store the carbon in the soil as humus.