hermit crab

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n. 寄生蟹
hermit crab - 寄居蟹,借居蟹,寄生蟹
hermit-crab - 寄居蟹,寄居蟹
Komurasaki Land Hermit Crab - 深紫陆寄居蟹
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  • 寄居蟹,藤壶,蚬和螺有很硬的壳来保护自己。
    The hermit crab, barnacle, clam and snail have hard shells to protect themselves.
  • 我们在收听中心内摆放了一些《寄居蟹的家》的书和这本书配套的磁带。
    We put several copies of A House for hermit crab and an audiocassette of the book into the listening center.
  • “你好,波迪!”小寄居蟹从螺壳里钻出来,“天现已黑了,你这是要去哪里啊?”
    "Hello, Bodi! " Little hermit crab shells drilled out from the "dark days now, this is where you go ah?"
  • 当他不安的时侯,可能有两种反应,一种是像寄居蟹似的躲进壳里去,另一种则是像大螃蟹一样用钳子乱咬人。
    When he was uneasy when Hou, there may be two reactions, like a hermit crab is like hides under the shell where the other is the same as the crabs with pliers Luanyao people.
  • 其他的同学则在外面找寄居蟹和招潮蟹观察。
    Other students constitution looking for the hermit crab and the fiddler crab observation in other places.
  • 任何一个试图把寄生蟹从它壳里移走的人都会知道这种生物粘得有多么的牢。
    Anyone who has tried to remove a hermit crab from its shell will know how tenacious these creatures can be.
  • 加州大学洛杉矶分校的心理学教授W·大卫·斯塔尔曼最近就购买了一台SpikerBox用于其正在开展的寄居蟹行为的研究中。
    W. David Stahlman, a professor of psychology at UCLA, recently purchased one to use in his research on hermit crab behavior.
  • 只有寄居蟹的费用变得便宜:食物,水和偶尔笼清洗。
    Only the hermit crab has been cheap: food, water and an occasional cage cleaning.
  • 我小时候也有过一只寄生蟹,叫卡尔文·库里奇。
    as a child, I had a hermit crab named Calvin Coolidge.
  • USAA旗下的贵重金属与矿物基金经理Dan Denbow说,他已经刻意地从来都不增加他的四只狗、两只猫、寄居蟹和水族馆的所用费用。
    Dan Denbow, co-manager of USAA’s precious metals and minerals fund, said he had purposely never added up all the expenses from his four dogs, two cats, hermit crab and aquarium.
  • 为什么寄居蟹要不停地搬家?
    Why does the hermit crab have to change its home?
  • 它的腹部是软的,所以寄居蟹用一个空的海洋蜗牛的壳来保护自己。
    Its abdomen is soft, so a hermit crab uses the empty shell of a sea snail to protect itself.
  • 我养了只寄居蟹。
    I have a hermit crab.
  • 唐小龙和堂姐唐娜都是被爸妈寄养在爷爷奶奶家的“寄居蟹”;
    Tang Xiaolong and cousin Tang Na are home of grandma of grandfather be been in by pa Mom fosterage " hermit crab " ;
  • 在小笠原群岛一个珊瑚礁上,一个被放弃的虫洞成了一只寄生蟹的家。
    On a coral reef in the Bonin Islands, an abandoned wormhole is home to a hermit crab.
  • 爸爸说:“这是一只寄居蟹。”
    "It's a hermit crab, " said Dad.
  • 一只公寄居蟹找到了一只很大的空贝壳,便把贝壳清理干净,做成了自己的房子。
    A male hermit crab had found a very big cultch, was then clean the shell cleaning up, has made own house.
  • 乌龟说我的心情不好,因为我羡慕寄居蟹,他的壳可以换呢,毛虫又去问了寄居蟹你的心情好不好呀?
    The turtle replied, No, I am not happy because I envy the hermit crab , he can change his shell.
  • 没有了海葵,寄居蟹惨了。
    Without anemones on its roof, the hermit crab is vulnerable.