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  • 他进步很快。
    He has made rapid progress.
  • 他已导演了几部影片。
    He has made several films.
  • 好莱坞以前制作过关于金钱、忠诚、信任和团体的优秀电影,但大多都是关于黑帮的。
    Hollywood has made good films about money, loyalty, trust, and organization before—but most of them have been about gangsters.
  • 那么是什么使得战争成为我们人类经历中那不可避免的一部分呢?
    What is it, then, that has made war such an inescapable part of the human experience?
  • 如果我能把加里拉所谓的艺术加入到我的手臂中,那么它就会一直存在。” 这位对结婚艺术和生命科学有着特殊兴趣的维比克先生这样说到。
    If I put the art that Jalila has made on my arm, then I will always have it with me, ’ said Verbeke, who has a particular interest in marrying arts and life sciences.
  • 如果上帝对你来说是真实的,谁又在乎科学有没有让他变得多余呢?
    If God is real for you, who cares whether science has made him redundant?
  • 在生态系统中,一项业务既可以是服务提供者,也可以是服务使用者,SOA 已经使企业参与生态系统成为可能,可以实现一个面向 SOA 的价值网络。
    SOA has made it possible for enterprises to take part in an ecosystem in which a business can be both a service provider as well as a service consumer, thus enabling a SOA-oriented value network.
  • 我还有一份尝试过失败过的独特经历,这使我变成了一个更强大、更聪明和更有经验的社会贡献者。
    I also have a unique story of attempt and failure that has made me a better, smarter and more experienced contributor to society.
  • 但是他曾经做过类似的行动,而之后都一一放弃。
    But he has made similar moves before, only to abandon them.
  • 如果她确实有兴趣,他的推断也是说她有兴趣;或者她确实没有兴趣,而他的推断也是她不感兴趣,那么他就是做出了正确的推理。
    If he infers that she is when she is in fact interested, or if he infers that she is not when she is in fact not interested, then he has made the correct inference.
  • 他的承诺可不少, 但都是口惠无实。
    He has made a lot of promises, but none of them have been carried out.
  • 这里是收集的来自北部地区的最新照片,在那里,冬天已经造成了一定影响,以及人们和动物正在采取一些方法应对变化的季节。
    Collected here are recent photos from northern areas where winter weather has made an impact, and some of the ways the people and animals are dealing with the changing seasons.
  • 这使我觉得我可以做更多的什么,以帮助真正做到这一点在我的社区和我的教会。
    This has made me think more what I can do to help really make this happen in my community and my church.
  • 他在各方面都有起色。
    He has made progress in every aspect.
  • 关于这个主题有许多观点;然而 数据对潜在的健康风险的转基因食品是少之又少 从它直至目前为止 这使得不切实际得出结论.
    There are many opinions on this subject; however, data on the potential health risks of GMO foods are scanty, which has made it impractical to draw conclusions from it up till now.
  • 这份工作可能会“有点无聊”,但是到现在,和其他人一样,她做出了自己的选择。
    The job may be “a bit boring, ” but for now, she, like others, has made her choice.
  • 他已作好了应急的一切准备。
    He has made every arrangement to meet any emergency.
  • 但是它带来的最大的改变是在我的情爱关系中。
    But the biggest change it has made is in my relationship.