happy event

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happy event - 喜事,快乐事件,曼秀雷敦怀孕乐
The city happy event - 全城喜事
Describe a happy event - 描述一件喜事
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  • 那也成为了他每当逢年过节,婚姻喜事,被别人邀请撰写对联的资本。
    It has also become his every Chinese New Year, marriage and happy event , was invited to write another couplet of capital.
  • 这件愉快的事情——就算它愉快——只能发生在毫无预谋的时刻。
    This happy event--supposing it to be such--could only have occurred at an unpremeditated moment.
  • 这可是件大喜事。
    It is a great happy event.
  • 福娃娃仍在为农地努力中。只要农地确认,我们的有机鲜直送及休閒好活动将尽快投入服务。
    Fukwawa is still working hard on confirming the farmland. Once it is settled, we will introduce our Fresh Delivery and Happy Event as soon as we can.
  • 每一个山坡,每一条山谷,每一块平原和树林都由于一些在那早已消逝的岁月�的悲伤或愉快的事件,而变成了圣地。
    Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished.
  • 中文里,‘吸烟’与‘喜宴’谐音,所以也就被联系起来了。
    The word smoke and happy event are pronounced the same way in Chinese and are seen as going together," she added.
  • 唯一值得注意的是可能会有好事发生, 它会让你成长.
    The only thing worth paying attention to is the probability of a happy event, which will certainly lead to growth.
  • 另外,我还有一件喜事。
    On top of that, I have a happy event.
  • 百度啊百度,你真是让我喜来让我忧,你要什么时候才可以恢复我的收录,什么时候才可以让我的收录稳定。
    Baidu ah Baidu, you are to let my happy event allow my concern really, you want what when can just restore me to collect, when can just let me collect stability.
  • 愿今后不负自己及家长之望,小事开心、大事顺利、少出差错,足矣。
    May the future without their parents and look, small, smooth, happy event made fewer mistakes, .
  • 人逢喜事精神爽, 昨晚我睡眠很好, 有期望就有奋发向上的动力。
    Shuang on the spirit of people happy event, I sleep very well last night, there is hope of making progress the driving force.
  • 泪水不仅与伤感、悲痛有关,也和喜乐有关。
    Tear not only and sentimental , grieved in connection with also being connected with the happy event happily.
  • 在过去的七千年里,海平面一直显著地保持着稳定,使人类文明得以发展和繁荣。
    For the past seven thousand years, sea levels have stayed remarkably stable, a happy event that allowed human civilization to develop and prosper.
  • 这件事是其他的所有人都感到震惊,但是,这个家庭里的人却把它当做是一件很愉快的事情。
    What has shocked the rest of the world, however, is described as a happy event by the family.
  • 无比荣耀?甚至连你们家这一周刚办的喜事也比不过吗?
    No higher pleasure … even compared with the happy event that, I hear, has taken place in your family this week?
  • 我的研究告诉我快乐的关键是从一个快乐事件中”榨取“尽可能多的快乐。
    My research has shown me that a key to happiness is squeezing out as much happiness as possible from a happy event.
  • 日食和月食也意味着调整,即使是应该感到高兴的事情—比如送你的孩子出发去大学,同时也会让你不得不开始习惯新的生活环境。
    Eclipses require adjustment, so even a happy event, like seeing your child set off to college, will bring the need to get used to the new set of circumstances.
  • 被人想念是一件幸福的事情吗?
    People want is a happy event?
  • 我这先给您道喜了。
    Allow me to congratulate you before the happy event.
  • 但他拥有内在心灵的漂亮和喜乐。
    But the beauty that he has immanent heart and happy event are happy.
  • 老大,遇到什么喜事了,这样高兴。
    The boss encounter any happy event , and so happy.