gravitational energy

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[天] 引力能
Gravitational energy - 引力势能,重力能,位能
gravitational condensation energy - 位能,重力能
gravitational field energy density - 引力场能量密度
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  • 重锤蓄能系统水锤现象分析
    An analysis of water hammer effect in gravitational energy accumulating hammer systems
  • 如果看这个结果-,重力势能与动能之和,在重力作用下,是守恒的-,马上,很明显的发现,动能为0的地方。
    If I look at this result the sum of gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy is conserved-for gravitational force then it is immediately obvious where we put the zero of kinetic energy.
  • 重力势能,这样增长,重力;,是在这个方向,当我在这里。
    When I'm here, gravitational potential energy; increases in this way; the gravitational force is in this direction.
  • 质子的引力能先转化为辐射区域(以及与之相邻接区域)内的热能,然后再通过电子的热轫致辐射给出脉动相的硬X射线辐射。
    At first the gravitational energy of protons transforms into heat in radiative region and then the radiative region gives radiation in pulsating phase by bremsstrahlung of thermal electrons.
  • 我先给你一个对于,重力势能的形式定义。
    Let me first give you the formal definition of gravitational potential energy.
  • 那么它将是,正的重力势能,这样的话这点,就比另一点高。
    Then this will have a positive gravitational potential energy, and this will have one that is higher than this one by this amount.
  • 注意,这里,重力势能是增加的。
    Notice that the gravitational potential energy increases.
  • 所以减速,刹车通过,能量的转换达到了,从,重力势能,转化到旋转圆盘上。
    So the slowdown, the "braking" is now done because of a conversion from your linear speed which comes from gravitational potential energy to the rotation of the disk.
  • 电子的引力能通过电子的轫致辐射转化为爆发相的辐射能。
    The gravitational energy of electrons transforms into radiation in burst phase through bremsstrahlung of electrons.
  • 掉在中子星上,在掉落过程中已加热,重力势能,被释放,物体变得那么热,事实上它被高度电离,被高度电力的物体。
    The matter that falls onto the neutron star because there is gravitational potential energy released, and so the matter is so hot that, in general, it's highly ionized.
  • 接近地球,,If,I,go,from,A,to,another,point,,B,prime,注意,重力势能,就会减小,我做负功。
    B1 which is closer to the Earth, notice that the gravitational potential energy decreases.
  • 弯曲时空释放引力能的新机制
    A new mechanism of the releasing gravitational energy in curved space-time
  • 好了,我的目标是,用通常的方式,为你们评价重力势能,不是用一个特殊的,接近地球的案例。
    Okay, my goal was to evaluate for you the gravitational potential energy the way that it is defined in general, not in a special case when we are near the Earth.
  • 将来会有很多次,用到r和,重力势能之间的关系。
    We will, many, many times in the future, use the one over r relationship for gravitational potential energy.
  • ,重力势能,不管R是多少,距离这个物体多远。
    Gravitational potential energy at any distance capital R that you please away from this object.
  • 因此这是关于y的关系,曲线本身,很有效地代表了,重力势能。
    So this is a function y as a function of x and the curve itself represents effectively the gravitational potential energy.
  • 所以你在利用,重力势能,转换成,动能。
    So you're using, then, the conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy.
  • 这是。,那么这里的重力势能,这是。
    Y And this is y* Then the gravitational potential energy u This is u.
  • 重力势能,朝这个方向增长,重力。
    When I'm here, the gravitational potential energy increases in this direction.
  • 重要的是,如果我们得到了重力,势能的正确值,当我们远离这个物体,重力势能就会,增加。
    What is important, of course, if we get the right answer for the gravitational potential energy, that when we move away from this object that the gravitational potential energy increases.
  • 这是重力势能。
    This is the gravitational potential energy.
  • 可以在车内装个圆盘,可以称之为飞轮,可以转化,重力势能。
    You can install a disk in your car, which I would call, then, a flywheel, And you can convert the gravitational potential energy.