go down

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go down - 下降,下沉,下去
go skidding down - 走滑,去打滑下降,转也是下
Go Go down - 速度金属
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  • 然后转动把手,将钩子放到井中, 他要让钩子钩住月亮把它拽上来。
    Then he turned the handle and let the hook go down into the well.
  • 就像我们看到的,现在通胀降低了,这个趋势是恰当的,当前应当维持。
    As we see inflation go down currently, this trend is appropriate and should be maintained for now.
  • 为什么油价可能降低?
    Why might oil prices go down?
  • 你若不打发他去,我们就不下去,因为那人对我们说,你们的兄弟若不与你们同来,你们就不得见我的面。
    But if thou wilt not send him, we will not go down: for the man said unto us, Ye shall not see my face, except your brother be with you.
  • 下去看看他们在楼下干什么。
    Go down and see what they are doing downstairs.
  • 我看到我的血压明显的降了下去。
    I saw my blood pressure go down substantially.
  • 我下了楼,吃了一个面包圈。
    I go down, have a bagel.
  • 我们就说:‘我们不能下去。
    But we said, 'We cannot go down.
  • 但是,如果沿着这条思路走下去,会产生几个问题。
    However, several issues arise if you go down this path.
  • 我应该走楼梯下去吗?
    Shall I go down the stairway?
  • "在一个小康的经济环境里和对教育更大的热情下生育率会自然下降",梁中堂说。
    “The fertility rate will naturally go down with a better economy and a greater passion for education, ” Liang said.
  • 他补充说,“如果你想有一个能够接触到还没有被这些程序所影响到的物质的机会,那么最好是继续下去。”
    If you want to have a fighting chance of getting to material that has been unaffected by these processes, it's good to go down.
  • 因此,事务时间随着用户的增多而增加,而每分钟处理的事务数量则不断下降。
    Not surprisingly, we see that transaction times go up with the number of users, while transactions processed per minute go down.
  • 我当然希望你不这样想,还有,顺便提一句,如果我下到那里面,那就要98镑。
    I certainly hope not , and, imcidentally, that will be 98 pounds, if I do go down there.