get tied up

—— 英文翻译成中文


get tied up - 结婚,被
get tied up with - 被……缠住
get tied up to - 连接
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  • 哦,上帝,如果我去哪里,我要变成呆子或是张口结舌。我知道会这样。
    Gabriel: Oh God, if I go out there, I'm going to freeze up or get tongue-tied . I just know it.
  • 他提醒我们,把事情做好即可,不要求一百分,还说目标太高反而达不到。
    You should do what is necessary to get the job done, but not get tied up in trying to make something perfect. ' He reminds us: 'The Best is the enemy of the Good.
  • 我喜欢提前一星期把度假的事情安排妥当。
    I like to get all the arrangements for a holiday tied up a week in advance.
  • 并且你可能想到一旦你停下并参与其中,你就会在一些你及其不情愿的事情中脱不了身。
    That if you stop and get involved, you could get tied up in things you don't want to get involved in.
  • 他们会用藤蔓绑起来,因而无法脱身。
    They'd tied it up with a vine so it couldn't get away.
  • 呵呵,我以前就是这样的,还要把头发缠起来,还是不要弄了,等你过年回家再装扮的美美的回家过年呀!
    Oh, I used to like this, but also the hair tied up, or do not get out, so dress up your New Year back home again the beauty of the United States home for the holiday it!
  • 在有些人的录音电话中留下详细的口信,可以使你免受长时间谈话之累,还会使你更快地得到答复。
    Leaving a detailed message on someone's voice mail prevents you from getting tied up in long conversations and will get you an answer more quickly.
  • 而那次经历最让我感到恶心的就是,我竟然 会把我个人的快乐与我在商业上的成败挂钩起来了。
    And you know -- look -- I think what disgusts me more than anything looking back is how the hell did I let my personal happiness get so tied up with this business thing?
  • 我上网的时候,别人就打不进电话了。
    When I get online, the phone is tied up.
  • 说着,男士提留起小女孩,把她的两只小脚丫塞进大鞋子里说:“别着急慢慢儿走,反正我穿着这双鞋到处走也够烦的了,坐这儿享受我的冰淇淋还不错呢。”
    Then he lifted the little girl up and set her feet into the shoes. "Take your time, " he said, "I get tied of moving them around, and it'll feel good to just sit here and eat my ice cream.
  • 销售员常常忙于其他客户,但你仍然可以提供优良的服务信息的显示计数器。
    Salespeople often get tied up with other customers but you can still offer excellent service information with a display counter.
  • 他马上意识到自己被捆住了,他奋力挣扎想摆脱束缚。
    He quickly realizes he’s tied up and struggles to get free.