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adj. 难堪的;使烦恼的;擦伤人的
n. (Galling)人名;(德)加林
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  • 对于养着一个不能自己吃饭或上厕所的孩子而艰难度日的父母来说,听说这种疾病可能是有利的,他们肯定会很烦恼。
    For a parent struggling with a child who cannot feed or use the toilet themselves it must be galling to hear that the condition may be advantageous.
  • 阿伯塔巴德事件尤为令人难堪的原因是这座城镇紧邻印控克什米尔地区的边界,本应是戒备森严的前线。
    The Abbottabad affair was especially galling because the town sits close to the border with the Indian-run bit of Kashmir, supposedly a well-guarded frontier.
  • 把最后一项记入帐内,激怒了汽车工会。 工会指出,这项不能算,因为现役工会的成员实际上还没有拿到这笔钱。
    The inclusion of the last point is especially galling to the UAW because, the union points out, it doesn’t represent money the union’s members are actually receiving.
  • 尤其令我们难堪的是,他正带着浓重的种族主义腔调在回应一个无根据的攻打缘由。
    It was particularly galling to us that it was in answer to a baseless attack with heavy racial undertones.
  • 可以预见的是,如果iPad是最大竞争者被证明是另一款iPad的话,会给其他的制造商带来难堪。
    It'll be galling for every other manufacturer — and utterly predictable — if the iPad's first serious competitor turns out to be another iPad.
  • 而最难堪的是:在很大程度上,红利信徒们正在利用我们的钱这么做。
    And the most galling thing is this: the bonus cultists are doing it, in large part, with our money.
  • 虽然一想到那些获利又会在银行逐日生息,就令人感到情以何堪,我们其他人却迫切需要银行开始赚钱。
    Galling as it may be to contemplate the returns that will once again accrue to banks, the rest of us badly need them to make money.
  • 将她束缚在这里的,是源源傲进她心灵深处的铁打的锁链,永远不可能断裂了。
    The chain that bound her here was of iron links, and galling to her inmost soul, but could never be broken.