further studies

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Further studies - 进修,升学,修学
further their studies - 促进他们的学习
further experimental studies - 进一步的实验研究
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  • 该项研究的进一步开发,可为泥质砂岩储集层的含油饱和度和剩余油饱和度的解释提供重要参数。
    Further studies on this project should provide key parameters for interpretation of oil and residual oil saturation of shaly sandstone reservoir bed.
  • 进一步研究证实,知性和理性有一种 “辫状交叉” 关系,就是说他们相互依存。
    Further studies confirmed that that knowledge and reason have a "braided" relationship, meaning they feed off each other.
  • 今后的研究应着重从岩溶表层生态系统的运行过程中来把握岩溶生态系统土壤的动态特征和相互间的反馈关系。
    Further studies should emphasize the dynamic features of soils and mutual feedback relation with other ecological elements in karst ecosystem from the evolvement processes of epikarst ecosystem.
  • 需要进一步研究。
    Further studies are needed.
  • 虽然,需要进一步的研究来证实这一效果是否在全球适用。
    Further studies will be needed to confirm the effect is applicable worldwide, though.
  • 专家们也认为需要进一步研究(包括减肥的影响)来肯定肥胖和怀孕综合症之间存在必然关系。
    Further studies, including those with weight-loss interventions, experts say, are necessary to confirm a definitive link between obesity and pregnancy complications.
  • 但是大多数科学家都认为,我们需要进一步的研究才能确认建造这些农场是否切实可行。
    But most scientists agree that further studies are needed before we can know for sure whether these farms are feasible.
  • 进一步的研究发现,健康的端粒可以延缓细胞的衰老进程,而这一发现立刻引发了一连串研究抗衰老的潜在治疗方法。
    Further studies revealed that healthy telomeres delay the ageing process in cells, a finding that prompted a flurry of research into potential anti-ageing treatments.
  • 不过,研究并没有说新的年龄应当是多少,只是说:为了提高不同年龄段筛查的相对有效性,还需要进一步的研究。
    However, the study stopped short of saying what that new age should be, saying further studies "are needed to demonstrate the relative clinical effectiveness of screening at different ages.
  • 作者们说,将来需要进一步研究,以明确在该研究中鉴定出的这些特定细菌是如何影响哮喘的成因和进展的。
    The authors say that further studies are needed to determine how these specific bacteria identified in the study may influence the cause and development of asthma.
  • 进一步的研究显示,潜意识广告对一个人的理智决策只有很小或者根本没有影响。
    Further studies have revealed that subliminal messages have little to no effect on a person’s rational decision making.
  • 将来的研究应关注不同类型癌症、基因型或者遗传学信息方面。
    Further studies will focus on different forms of cancer and their genotypes, or genetic information.
  • 需要进一步的研究,来发现减少压力的技术是否可以提高怀孕机会。
    Further studies would be needed to find if stress-reduction techniques could improve couples' chances of conceiving.
  • 进一步研究中阐明IL6 在疾病发病机理中的作用是值得的。
    Further studies to elucidate the specific role of IL6 in disease pathogenesis are warranted.
  • 进一步的研究需要研究是否参与者增加参与这些活动能够避免或延迟痴呆。
    Further studies are needed to determine if increasing participation in these activities could prevent or delay dementia.
  • 进一步研究证明,这种抗原也存在于3~4个月人胚胎肝细胞膜中,显示这是一种癌胚抗原。
    Further studies indicated this membranous antigen to be of the oncofetal type. The plasma membrane of human embryonic liver(3~4 months old)also possesses thisantigen.
  • 进一步的对不同抗菌疗法的使用的研究将会有极大好处。
    Further studies with the use of different antimicrobial therapy will be of great interest.
  • 将需要进一步研究,以便确定有效的预防措施。
    Further studies will be needed to identify effective preventive measures.
  • 还需要更多的研究这种人机同步性改善后对临床的影响。
    Further studies should aim to determine the clinical impact of this improved synchrony.
  • 需要更多的研究以确定在普通驾驶状态下上臂制动的效果。
    Further studies are required to determine the effect of arm immobilization on normal driving conditions.
  • 进一步研究发现植物具有自我识别能力。
    Further studies conclusively showed plants were able to recognize themselves.