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n. 狂暴;狂怒;暴怒
vt. 使发狂;使狂怒
Frenzy - 迷乱,狂乱,狂暴
Farm Frenzy - 疯狂农场,维京英雄,中文版
Frenzy BERSERK - 癫狂诅咒,精神错乱谩骂
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  • 没错,这些事情你都可以自己做,但是当你对下载视频十分狂热时,你还来得及一切都自己弄吗? 有这样一个帮手,何乐而不为呢?
    Yes, these are all things you can do yourself, but when you are in a downloading frenzy, isn’t it nice to let someone else do all the work for you?
  • 他们并没有听到我警告他们的那部分:您不能在这种东西上面维持惊人的投机狂热。
    They didn't hear the part where I warned them that you couldn't sustain an incredible speculative frenzy on top of this stuff.
  • 现在,二者都瞄准了从感恩节到年末的假期购物狂潮。 如果也存在收据处理的旺季的话,这段时间显然应该算一个。
    Now, both will tackle the holiday shopping frenzy between Thanksgiving and the end of the year -- a busy season for receipts if there ever was one.
  • 我们把自己包裹在这样一种纯粹狂乱的气氛当中,就像一直乘着热情的翅膀,直冲云天。
    We surrounded ourselves with such an atmosphere of pure frenzy that we always seemed to be soaring aloft on the wings of our enthusiasm.
  • 泡沫之年的建筑狂热,留下那些甚至排在地价和不断上升的失业率之前的过剩供给,导致突然取消抵押品赎回权。
    There was a building frenzy during the bubble years, which left an overhang of supply even before plunging prices and rising unemployment led to a blitz of foreclosures.
  • 长时间的竞选要求付出持久的努力,一分钟疯狂的电话和广告是远远不够的。
    A prolonged voting season requires a sustained effort, not just a last-minute frenzy of phone calls and ads.
  • 亚利桑那州,一株巨人柱仙人掌矗立在一团狂暴的闪电中。
    A saguaro cactus stands tall amid a frenzy of lightning bolts in Arizona.
  • 各种图像融合到一起,以一种有节奏的狂乱转化成别的图像,就好像是会移动的油画般。
    The images fuse together and transform into other images in a rhythmic frenzy, as if they were moving oil paintings.
  • 尼采选择了放纵与暴戾、幻影与阴影这样的黑暗的潜意识力量,作为自己的守护神。
    Nietzsche chose as his patron Dionysus – the god of dark unconscious forces, of excess and frenzy, of shades and shadows.
  • 就算是那些以慈善为名的机构和人员也不能幸免。
    Even those working in the name of charity are not excluded from the frenzy.
  • 大家注意啦,我教你们什么是超人:他就是那闪电,他就是那疯狂!
    Lo, I teach you the Superman: he is that lightning, he is that frenzy!
  • 股价“呼啸”上涨,然而问题是:决策者们是否想通过吹大另一个投机狂潮的泡沫来解决历史上最大的泡沫之一所造成的难题哪?
    As share prices roar ahead, the question is: are policymakers trying to solve the problems caused by one of the biggest bubbles in history by pumping up another speculative frenzy?