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n. 免费增值
Freemium - Freemium,Freemium,免费增值
Barney Freemium - 邦尼的冒险
Freemium Model - 免费增值模式,没有发省升值标准样式,免费增值商业模式
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  • 娱乐可以通过广告和“freemium”模式获得收益。
    Entertaiment can be monetized through advertising and “freemium”.
  • 另外一个免费产品常采用的盈利模式是freemium模式,即产品的基本版本免费提供,而拥有更多功能的豪华版本则收费。
    One of the most popular free-centric business models is the freemium model, in which base versions of products are given away for free, and more feature rich versions are charged for.
  • 看来,初创公司要重新考虑一下付费+免费(freemium)的模式?
    In light of this, is it time to reevaluate and reign in some of the excitement about the freemium model for startups?
  • 媒体世界已经从广告支持的免费内容向免费增值模式转变:用免费的样本为付费服务做营销,重点在于附加收费部分。
    In the media world, this has taken the form of a shift from ad-supported free content to freemium — free samples as marketing for paid services — with an emphasis on the “premium” part.
  • 是的,这就是免费增值模式,我想知道有限的免费模式是否会不成比率的吸引真正的目标客户——那些忙碌的父母们。
    Yes, this is a freemium plan. I wanted to measure if a limited free plan would disproportionately drive the right type of traffic (busy parents in my case).
  • 升级服务或者更新内容 (即“免费增值”)
    Upgraded service/content (ed: aka "freemium")
  • 在免费增值模式中,这意味着对使用增值版网站的用户而言,其它99%的人可以免费享受基本服务。
    In the freemium model, that means for every user who pays for the premium version of the site, 99 others get the basic free version.
  • 此外,我们都喜欢“免费又超值”的模式,让我们可以无需承诺和投资就试用服务。
    More­over, we all prefer a “freemium” model that lets us try out a service without a commitment or investment.
  • 在我曾创立过的一家公司中,其中一段时期我们确实只关注新客转化率(这是一种先免费后付费的商业模式)。
    In one of the startups I founded, we had an extended period where we were really focused on the conversion rate of new customers into paying customers (it was a freemium business model).
  • 大多数人认为iTunes是一个收费服务,不过Spotify的EK指出其实这更应该被看做是一种免费增值应用。
    Most people think of iTunes as a paid service, but Spotify's Ek pointed out that it should really be considered a freemium app.
  • 给予一个免费服务让消费者进门(这就是所谓的“免费增值商业模式”)能够帮助公司在稍后吸引更多付费用户。
    Offering a free service to get customers in the door (the so-called "freemium" model) could help the company attract more paying customers at a later date.
  • 基于价值——这是最成功的免费商业模式策略。
    Value based –The most successful type of Freemium strategy.
  • 不奇怪,免费增值模式得到最多的转化率,但也只是比原始模式多出12%,但是保留度最低。
    Not surprisingly, the freemium variation drove the most conversions but only outperformed the original by 12% and had the lowest retention.
  • 不过如果你想要建立一个主导型公司并占有可观的市场份额,免费商业模式就能够加速你的产品蔓延。
    If you want to build a dominant company that has a substantial market share, Freemium can help you accelerate adoption.