food and drug administration

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 就像让食品和药物管理局要求药品公司自行测试新药物的安全性和有效性——一位批评者指出。
    Or having the Food and Drug Administration let drug companies test the safety and efficacy of new drugs, one commenter points out.
  • 1998年,食物和药品管理局建议已有心脏病的人们开始每天吃一片阿司匹林以预防另一个疾病的发展。
    In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised people that have already had a heart attack to begin taking an aspirin a day to help prevent another one.
  • 虽然这个调查已经进行得很深入,但是食品和药物管理局官员称,很多信息还很粗略。
    Although the investigation has gone into high gear, Food and Drug Administration officials say much of their information remains sketchy.
  • 一些最新的偏头痛高效疗法和特效药还没有获得食品和药物管理局的儿科使用批准。
    And some of the newest and most effective migraine treatments and preventive drugs have yet to win Food and Drug Administration approval for pediatric use.
  • 食品和药物管理局要求天然风味需来自天然的材料,但它是个很广义的分类。
    The Food and Drug Administration requires that natural flavors come from a natural material, but that's a broad category.
  • FDA规定了抗癫痫药物要参与新的专业测试。 这是国会2007年食品与药品管理修订案中赋予的。
    The FDA’s dictate on antiepileptics will test the new authority Congress gave it in the 2007 Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act.
  • 在2007年的夏季,食品和药物管理局(FDA)将开始对番茄安全进行倡议。
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will begin a Tomato Safety Initiative in the Summer of 2007.
  • 食品和药物管理局已经公布了在食品包装上标注营养成分这一项目所获得的效果,以及这一项目如何才能更加有效地执行。
    The Food and Drug Administration has begun to explore the effects of putting nutrition labels on the front of food packaging, and how it can be effectively implemented.
  • 有充分的证据显示,食品和药物管理局最近允许食物标签上附带有健康常识,告诉人们富含钾的食物和血压之间的联系。
    The evidence is so convincing that the Food and Drug Administration recently allowed food labels to bear a health claim about the connection between potassium-rich foods and blood pressure.